Baguio City: Arca's Yard Cafe

It was my second day in Baguio City and all I want to do that day was to rest, unwind and try something new. Luckily, I have a friend who told me about a cafe in Ambuklao Road that has a relaxing ambiance with overlooking verandas and serve "camote" or sweet potato pie. Baguio City is known to have cafe and restaurants that have relaxing and overlooking areas but the "Camote" pie, that I have to try.

Camote pie and Cloud Tea

After being amaze by Ben Cab's work of art, me and my friends went to Arca's Yard Cafe at 777 Ambuklao Road, Baguio City. The cafe is far away from the city and residence area that's why luscious trees situated the cafe.  The cafe gave me a relaxing vibe when I saw the chairs and table in the garden, the wooden chairs and tables with ethnic interior design and low dining table with pillows but what caught my attention that day was the overlooking spot in the veranda with white chairs and table. They also have this cute love locks and pots before you enter the cafe. I love to put one but I don't have a partner, maybe on my next visit I can put one.

White tables and chairs on one of the cafe's veranda

Pots and love lock will welcome you on the cafe

Low table with pillows for a relaxing stay in Arca's Yard Cafe

Wooden chairs and table with tribal decor

Wooden chair and table on one of the verandas

The interior of the cafe is full of wooden artifact from Cordillera. They have wooden plates, spoons, chairs, vases and mask as decoration . 

Artifacts such as wares and statues make up the interior of the cafe

Wooden carve animals like rabbit and frog serves as their decor

Tribal mask serves as the cafe's wall decor

Who would have thought that used corks can look good on that?

We settled in the veranda and indeed it was relaxing there. Seeing nature at it's best while the cold breeze touches my skin made me hope that Manila has one of this cafe. 

View from the veranda

We ordered Camote pie a la mode and Cloud Tea with cream and wild honey. A slice of Camote pie will cost you PhP 95 or USD 2 and Cloud Tea is PhP 60 or USD 1.27. For a pie and tea the prices are affordable.

Camote or sweet potato pie  a la mode has the taste of camote with the  right sweetness even if I mixed it with the vanilla ice cream. I love  cake and pies that are not that sweet and this one satisfied my palate. The pie's filling has a sticky consistency, it sometimes stick on my teeth but it is fine. Bits and pieces of camote are also included  in the filling.

Camote or sweet potato pie a la mode

The Cloud Tea with cream and wild honey has the relaxing smell of milk and it does not have the flowery or leaf taste of the usual tea. Instead Cloud tea has a bitter sour taste which is a bit weird for my palate but I find it delicious and authentic.

Arca's Cloud tea and Camote pie

Arca's Yard Cafe is perfect for alone time, catch up with family and friends and enjoy nature while dining or sipping a cup of coffee or tea. Dishes are affordable. The camote pie and cloud tea gave my palate a unique delicious taste. The ambiance is relaxing even if they have some tribal ornaments.

I will definitely go back to Arca's Yard Cafe on my next visit to Baguio City and try their other dishes.

To try Arca's Yard dishes you can visit their cafe at:

Baguio City
Ambuklao Road, Baguio City

and check their social media accounts at:

Facebook Page


  1. That is unique ha. I think if I get a chance to drop by, I would for two reasons. Coziness and to try a camote pie. Question, do they have wifi and do they have sockets for charging in the veranda?

  2. Haveny been to Arca's Yard but would definitely love to try. baguio is one of our go-to-places for those yummy food trips. How I wish its nearer so we could just drive there anytime and go back again. Ihihiji

  3. This is embarrassing but I haven't been to Baguio...yet. Thanks for sharing a part of your experience:) If I ever got the chance to go here someday, I'd include this super serene spot to my itinerary:)) oh and Ill definitely try that sweet potato pie and tea:))

  4. We're planning to go to Baguio real soon. I'm bookmarking this post! Yay!

  5. This place looks stunning!! And that looks delicious! Bookmarking this for the future!

  6. That cloud tea looks really great! It makes me curious that you say it doesn't have the flowery or leaf taste of usual tea. I like that it has wild honey in it! The ambiance of the place is wonderful

  7. The cafe looks so pretty, I love all the traditional decorations. I have never had sweet potato pie before, but I bet it's delicious!

  8. I've never heard of kamote pie cake!! I should definitely try that when I go there. I'm in love with Baguio, and those wooden themes. Everything just spells "earth".

  9. What a beautiful place! So rustic and everywhere you look is pretty! So many instagram worthy places indeed hehe. Would love to go here if ever I'm in Baguio! ☺

  10. The place looks amazing as its pays homage to the culture of Baguio. And, yes, dining with a view makes it all the more attractive. How I wish they could repaint the fences though to cover the rust. Hopefully, I get to visit this too when I visit Baguio. Thanks for the heads up :) -Me-An Clemente of

  11. I love the simple yet unique interiors :) How come I only heard of this cozy place in Baguio now? Btw, love your new blog - the re-branding and all! Keep it up, Rowena!

  12. I am definitely bookmarking this post. I plan to go to Baguio next year, so I would love to try this cafe. the interiors are simple but will leave an impact on you :D

  13. Wow! This is my kind of place, serene and relaxing. I also love their table setup. I will definitely include this to our itinerary on our next Baguio trip. Thanks for sharing!

    Mhaan |

  14. Oh, I haven't been to this place huh. The interior looks really cool and I'd like to try the pastries. Thanks for sharing

  15. I've been into the summer capital of the Philippines for 3X. On my next visit, I'll try to dropby at Arca's Yard Cafe and have some Camote pie and Cloud Tea.

  16. Love good food with good view, this looks like the place for me!

  17. I GOT ENVIOUS!!!! I so love cozy-whimsy places and I haven't been in Baguio since my sophomore year and the pies looks yumm! huuuu . I think I really should visit Baguio again real soon.

  18. Arca's Yard is such a perfect place to relax in. It does give rustic and relaxing ambiance just by looking at your photos. I am so intrigued by their camote pie. I have never tried anything like it before :)

  19. Ooh, quaint place you have there. Would love to go do Baguio one day!


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