Victoria Court's Night of Mystery

Last October 31, Victoria Court reinvented the usual Halloween Parties and gave its guests a brand new Halloween excitement through Night of Mystery. 

Night of Mystery has four activities in separate suites at Victoria Court Pasig. The activities include  Board Games, Costume Party,  Movie Marathon and Mystery Games.

Victoria Court partnered with DyceNDyne to give their guests an exiting night of board and card games like Spy Fall, where you need to know among the group who is the Spy, and Tapple, where a player choose a topic and each member of the group is given 10 seconds to give a single word that matches the topic.

Playing board games at Oval Suite, Victoria Court.

Celebrities in their costume playing tapple.

Tapple from DyceNDyne

Bunnies playing some games.

Guest came with their awesome board, video and card game costumes.

Kitana and Sub-Zero (photo credits to Victoria Court)
Uh-oh! Looks like the President caught someone at the party! (photo credits to Victoria Court)

Meet the Dominos 

On the Moulin Rouge suite, comfortable bean bag chairs, popcorns inside a hand shaped container, candies, wide screen and a projector is placed to complete a scary movie marathon experience.

Movie night at Moulin Rouge Suite, Victoria Court

Movie night at Moulin Rouge Suite, Victoria Court

Victoria Court also prepared a banquet with cute, spooky and scary finger food and dishes.

Skull made of bacon, sandwich monster and graveyard.

Sandwich Monsters!

Chocolate Creampuffs.

Fruity Monster!!!

Oh my Spiders.

Bloody Lake.

Mystery Games was also conducted.Players choose their characters, dress up like them and do their objective. The game will end once someone guesses the Mystery killer.

Guests choosing their character for the Mystery Game

Victoria Court gave a whole new Halloween experience by giving their guests variety of activities that they can enjoy and will suit their craving for halloween. 

To know more about Victoria Court you can visit their website and social media accounts at:





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