Chef Victoria Unveils Her Unique and Delectable Menu for Victoria Court

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Last Tuesday, I went to Victoria Court Hill Crest, Pasig City to witness the launching of Chef Victoria’s new, unique and delicious dishes. The launch was held at their Cirque Suite at the Panorama Station. It was my first time to visit Victoria Court’s themed Suite and all I can say upon entering it was WOW! I never imagined that their themed Suite would be that detailed. The moment I step inside the room, the hustle and bustle Pasig City faded and transformed into a Cirque. The room has every details that a Cirque has. I love the wall paintings of different characters that can be seen in the Cirque, carousel in the middle with monitors that you can use if you want to sing your favorite song in the Videoke, Cirque games like hoops and darts with the prices that you can get if you win in the former and the latter, stage with tigers resting on a swing with chairs that looks like drums scattered strategically on the stage and of course the bed inside a Cirque tent. This Suite is perfect for parties and can accommodate 30 people.

Wall paintings with Cirque people who plays an important part in the Cirque

Wall paintings of people that you can see at the Cirque

Carousel frame in the middle of the room with monitors for Videoke

Games that can be seen in a Cirque

Tigers resting on the swing

Cirque Suite's stage with tigers and chairs with drums design

Sneak peak of the bed inside the Cirque Suite

Bed inside the Cirque Suite

For Chef Victoria’s launching, chairs and tables in black and white were strategically placed in the middle of the suite and a large black table at the back where the new dishes were placed so that we can see them up close before the dinner.

Set up of Chef Victoria's launching

Delicious dishes made by Chef Victoria

Victoria Court’s Sales and Marketing Director, Ms. Tanya Llana and her team introduce that night ten of Chef Victoria’s mouthwatering dishes which includes the Legendary Crispy Pata, Classic and Spicy Chicken Platter, Pinakbet Con Lechon, Canjun Fish with Tropical Salsa, Breakfast in Bed Pizza, Pasta Egg-splosion, Naughty and Nice Pasta, Green Tea Pannacota, Blueberry Pannacota and Coffee Pannacota.

New menu of Chef Victoria

Spicy Chicken, Pinakbet con Lechon, The Legendary Crispy Pata and Classic Chicken

Canjun Fish with Tropical Salsa, Naughty and Nice Pasta, Egg-splosion  Pasta and Breakfast in Bed Pizza

Staying in Victoria Court is not complete without tasting it’s famous Legendary Crispy Pata. This delectable Crispy Pata is crispy on the outside and has tender and juicy meat on the inside with special sauce that has mix of sweet, sour and cucumber after taste.

The Legendary Crispy Pata

Chef Victoria’s Chicken Classic has perfectly marinated, juicy and tender meat with creamy gravy.

Classic Chicken

Spicy Chicken like the classic one has juicy and tender meat and coated with sweet and spicy sauce.

Spicy Chicken

I rarely eat vegetables but if it is crunchy and has sweet and  salty bagoong sauce like Pinakbet Con Lechon of Chef Victoria, I would definitely finish a plate full of it.

Pinakbet Con Lechon

Canjun Fish with Tropical Salsa has baked cream dory that melts in your mouth and perfectly marinated with canjun powder and lemon extract that gave the fish a citrusy flavor. This is best partnered with the salsa’s mango bits.

Canjun Fish with Tropical Salsa

Pizza with sunny side up egg in the middle, that’s Breakfast in Bed Pizza. This is a thin crust pizza with sweet tomato sauce and has bits of pieces of bacon, tomato and onions.

Breakfast in Bed

A menu is not complete without pasta, that’s why Chef Victoria included two pastas in her menu- Pasta Egg-splosion and Naughty and Nice Pasta.

Pasta Egg-splosion is made with tender al dente spaghetti noodles. This pasta is creamy and cheesy with a bit of saltiness coming from the salted egg topped on the pasta.

Egg-splosion Pasta

Have you tasted a pasta with chocolate sauce? If not, try Chef Victoria’s Naughty and Nice Pasta. This pasta has chocolate sauce and topped with bacon bits. Naughty and Nice Pasta has tender pasta and tastes chocolaty, spicy and a bit salty when mixed with the bacon. You might think it would taste weird, but I am telling you it is delicious and this pasta is one of Chef Victoria’s aphrodisiac dish.

Naughty and Nice Pasta

For dessert, Chef Victoria prepared three types of pannacota, Blueberry, Green Tea and Coffee. Blueberry Pannacota is fluffy and creamy with sweet and sour fruity taste while Green Tea Pannacota has milky and leafy taste of tea with white chocolate on top and lastly, Coffee Pannacota has creamy coffee taste with chocolate bits on top. Among the three, my favorite is the Green Tea Pannacota.

Green Tea Pannacota, Blueberry Pannacota and Coffee Pannacota

The dishes served that night made my tummy and palate happy but what top the most are  Canjun Fish with Tropical Salsa with its melt in your mouth fish meat and the refreshing tropical salsa,  Spicy Chicken with its tender meat and sweet and spicy coating and sauce, Pinakbet Con Lechon with its crunchy vegetable and sweet and salty bagoong sauce and Green Tea Pannacota with its fluffy pannacota that tastes milky with leafy taste of green tea.

To try Chef Victoria’s Menu, you can visit the following Victoria Court Branches:

ESCARPMENT- Escarpment Road, Oranbo, Pasig City
CANLEY- 1 Victoria Drive, Canley Road, Brgy. Bagong Ilog, Pasig City
HILL CREST- 207 Hillcrest Drive, Pasig City

17 Don Vicente Ang Street, Caloocan City

CUNETA- 2 Cuneta Street, Pasay City (Behind Heritage Hotel, alongside of Kenny Rogers Roasters)
GIL PUYAT- 2149 A. Luna Street, Pasay City (Near LRT Gil Puyat station, behind Atrium Building)

Unno Admiral Road, Talon Tres, Las Pinas City

2184 Madre Ignacia Street, Malate, Manila (Along Quirino Avenue, across Manila Zoo)

197 McArthur Highway, Potrero, Malabon

3 Don Vicente Ang Street, Caloocan City

KM 73.7 Post Sindalan, San Fernando, Pampanga

and to know more about Victoria Court and Chef Victoria, you can visit their Website and Social Media accounts:






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Yesterday, I went to Tag Media's BlogEx Manila and came across Town 82K. This is the first time that I heard about the company and the cookies and biscuits that they cater. I was so curious about Town 82K. Luckily Mr. Sau Liang GOH, Business Development Manager of The Cookie Factory, and Jefferson Marcelo, Marketing Specialist of Scanasia Overseas Inc., passionately inform me about The Cookie Factory and their products.

Cookies of Town 82K

According to them Town 82K is  part of The Cookie Factory, TCF, portfolio intended for Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG).  The Cookie Factory is based at Johor, Malaysia and is one of the prestige manufacturer of  premium cookies and biscuits with 22 years of experience in confectionery manufacturing business.

TCF started in 1898 when their founder, Madam Lee, was baking cookies for her love ones and since the former are delicious people from across Singapore, Johor, Bahur and Kuala Lumpur started to order Madam Lee's cookies. By 1991, Madam Lee set up Madam Ling's Homemade Cookies to meet the flourishing demand of her cookies and by 2006 they re-brand Madam Ling's Homemade Cookies and changed the name to The Cookie Factory. To date their products are exported to Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand and now in our country- Philippines.

TFC is also committed in giving safe and quality products and this can manifest with their strict compliance with GMP,  Good Manufacturing Practice, guidelines and their state of the art facilities and process are certified by HACCP, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, and is accredited by MHO, Ministry of Health Malaysia, to be Export Ready. Malaysia Halal Development Board also certified their biscuits and cookies as Halal products.

Town 82K products have premium packaging. Each of  the four bite size cookies are placed in a plastic container and freshly sealed in a sachet. Four set of sealed cookies are then placed in a box.

Packaging of Town 82K

Town 82K Cookies is composed of two set of cookies, the American Recipe and Vegetarian Cookies. For the American Recipe, this includes the Cranberries Oatmeal Cookies, Wholemeal Raisin, Pecan Nut Chocochips and Chocolate Almond Cookies.

Cranberries Oatmeal Cookies has the sweet smell of berries. It has a sweet, fruity and buttery taste with bits of oatmeal.  A box of Cranberries Oatmeal Cookies, which has 4 sachets or 16 cookies is at PHP 74 or USD 1.54

Pecan Nut Chocochips  Cookies has a chocolaty flavor with bits of pecan nuts. A box of Pecan Nut Chocochips, which has 4 sachets or 16 cookies is at PHP 90 or USD 1.87.

Wholemeal Raisin Cookies
has almond, cashew and raisins. This cookies has a nutty, fruity and buttery taste. A box of Wholemeal Raisin Cookies, which has 4 sachets or 16 cookies  is at PHP 85 or USD 1.77.

Chocolate Almond Cookies  tastes like brownies with almond. A box of Chocolate Almond Cookies, which has 4 sachets or 16 cookies, is at PHP 74 or USD 1.54.

Among the four that I tasted, my favorite is the Cranberries Oatmeal Cookies. I love it's sweet  and fruity taste and smell.The cookies are bite size but looks prestige like it's packaging. You can serve this as dessert or welcome treats during parties or treat yourself for some delicious and healthy cookies that are rich in dietary fiber. It also has an affordable price. You can get a box with 16 cookies for about PHP 74 to 90 or USD 1.54 to 1.87.  

To know more about Town 82K  Cookies, you can check their social media accounts at:



Town 82K Cookies are available on the following Supermarket and stores Nationwide:

Robinson's Supermarket
Metro Gaisano Supermarket
SM Supermarket
Rustan's Supermarket
Mercury Drugs

Pomodoro Pizza Kapitolyo

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My sister's friend introduce me to  a pasta and pizza restaurant in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. I am not familiar to the restaurant since I haven't explored the streets of Kapitolyo but what made me want to check the place is the recommendation that she gave.

Pasta choices in Pomodoro Pizza Pasta Kitchen

We went inside the streets of Kapitolyo and find a restaurant named Pomodoro Pizza Pasta Kitchen. The ambiance is cozy. It's as if you are dining in your wooden chair and table  in your veranda  with white fences.

Ambiance of  Pomodoro.

We ordered quattro formaggi pizza, smoked fish pasta,  sausage pasta, salted egg pasta, arrabiata and house blend ice tea.

Quattro Formaggi Pizza or Four Cheese Pizza is composed of Mozzarella, Parmesan, Colby Jack and Pomodoro's Special Cheese. We got this for  PHP 239 or USD 5.  The pizza smells Parmesan and has thin, crunchy crust. It is cheesy and has the sour taste of tomato.

Quattro Formaggi Pizza

Smoked Fish Pasta  has the salty taste of  "tinapa" or smoked fish and perfectly blend with creamy sauce. Smoked Fish Pasta is only for PHP 99 or  USD 2.07.

Smoked Fish Pasta

Sausage Pasta has tender pasta with sweet and salty taste of sausage and has bits and pieces of sausage. This pasta is for PHP 139 or USD 2.91.

Sausage Pasta

Salted Egg Pasta is creamy  with the texture and taste of salted egg yolk and saltiness coming from the egg white. This is for PHP 139 or USD 2.91.

Salted Egg Pasta

Arrabiata has the sour taste of tomato , juicy shrimp and a bit spicy. Arrabiata pasta costs PHP 139 or USD 2.91.

Arrabiata Pasta

I enjoyed every pasta  that we ordered in Pomodoro specially the Salted Egg and Smoked Fish. They have a this unique Filipino taste that usual restaurants do not offer.

If you want and know more about  Pomodoro you can visit their restaurant in:

6G San Rafael Street Pasig City

and check their social media accounts:

Pomodoro Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Baguio City: BenCab Museum

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I've been hearing a lot about BenCab Museum since I set foot in Baguio City. Whenever I ask locals for places to visit in Baguio, BenCab would always be part of their top three recommended places to visit. That's why on my second day in Baguio City,  me and my friends didn't miss the chance to drop by the Museum.

On our way to the museum I did some research and found out that BenCab stands for  the name of Philippine National Artist for Visual Arts, Benedicto Reyes Cabrera. He is know as the Master of Contemporary Philippine Art, a painter and print maker. BenCab was born in Malabon City but now lives and work in Baguio City.

BenCab Museum is a project of BenCab Art Foundation which is a non-stock organization that supports activities relating to environment and arts. The museum has four levels- Street, Level 2 and 3, and Farm and Garden.

From Baguio City, it took us about 30 to 45 minutes to reach the Museum. Upon entry we were given the Museum's Guide where you can find the dos and dont's and map of the museum. We paid for the entrance fee which is PhP 120 or USD 2.51 for General Admission. For students with identification card entrance fee is PhP 100  USD 2.09 and Senior Citizen is PhP 80 or USD 1.67.

For some odd reasons we went first to the Museum Shop, usually this is the last stop but we tend to check this one first. The shop has the usual souvenirs but what caught my attention are the funny planners and journals. I love the "Planner  ng Pasaway" or Planners for Stubborn People, Planner Things to do with "Now Na" (Now),  "Mamaya" (Later) and "Huwag Na" (I will not do this!).

After the Museum Shop we went to the Second Level and find ourselves inside the Cordillera Gallery. The gallery is composed of BenCab's collection of artifacts and crafts of Cordillera Region. Utensil, baskets, totem, and statues of Gods are displayed in this gallery.

After the Cordillera Gallery is the BenCab Gallery. This gallery consists of BenCab's work of art that started in Manila to London and Europe and  back to Baguio and Cordillera.

Beside the gallery is the viewing terrace where you can see the whole farm and garden level.

There are two Contemporary Art Gallery in the Museum that showcase different paintings, sculpture and statues.

Along the corridors are artifacts found in Cordillera and statue of gods and guardians.

The Museum showcase a lot of interesting things about Cordillera Region. Looking at the utensils, totem and statues of their gods and guardians gave me a sneak peek of how the people of Cordillera once live. It could have been more interesting if they have a guide or docent that can explain or tell the story behind and how and when they use the items. 

The painting and sculptures are fascinating. The view of the farm and garden from the terrace is breath taking. I love the luscious trees, the river and the small huts scattered in the garden. I wasn't able to try the trek but hope on my next visit I can.

To know more about BenCab Museum you can visit the Museum at:

Baguio City
#91 Km. 6 Asin Road, Tadiangan, Tuba, Benguet

From Baguio City Center it will take you 15 minute drive
From Baguio City Market Jeepney Terminal ride a Jeep going to Asin Road

and check their social media at:


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