Benefits of Taking Glorious Coffee and Beverages with Stevia

For years people debate if coffee is good or bad for our health. Coffee received praises for its effectiveness in boosting physical performance and focus and reducing the risk of cancer and stroke. On the other hand, it is held accountable for insomnia, restlessness, high cholesterol, and aggravate diabetes.

To date, one major concern about coffee is its high sugar content. Most coffee that has high sugar content are 3-in-1 commercial coffee mixes. Some have 14.6 grams of sugar in one 20-gram sachet alone. Imagine if you are a coffee lover and drinks 3 cups a day, your coffee consumption alone has 43.8 grams of sugar, which is above the recommended sugar intake of 30 grams per day.

Good thing brands like Glorious Blend offers coffee and beverage that uses Stevia or natural sweetener.


Glorious Blend is a healthier coffee and instant beverages alternative that is non-acidic and made with natural ingredients and sweeteners.

Glorious Blend beverages use Stevia, a natural sweetener that has no calories, no carbohydrates, and zero glycemic indexes. 

Glorious Blend has a 7-in-1 healthy coffee mix made with proven medicinal ingredients like Malunggay, Mangosteen, Calcium, Gotu Kola, and sweetened with Sweet & Fit Stevia. A 3-in-1 coffee mix with Stevia, a 7-in-1 choco mix, 4-in-1 coffee with Malunggay, a 5-in-1 coffee mix with Brown Rice, and the MaxiTrim coffee.

Glorious Blend products are locally sourced and manufactured. They support local farmers, stevia growers, and other agricultural communities.


Health-conscious individuals and who are either in a keto or low carb diet shy away from sugar, but that doesn't mean their coffee is tasteless or bitter. They take sugar-free coffees that uses natural sweetener such as Stevia.

Stevia is an herb with a sweet-tasting extract that comes from Candyleaf or Stevia Rebaudiana. Its taste arises from steviol glycosides which are 250–300 times sweeter than regular sugar. 

Stevia is a safe, healthy sugar substitute that can sweeten up food without the unpleasant health effects of refined sugar. It became popular among health-conscious individuals because it has low caloric content, which is perfect for those who want to lose and maintain their weight.

Stevia is also associated with benefits such as managed blood sugar level and minimized risk of cavities.

Since Stevia is a natural ingredient, it is safe to add in dishes and drinks without worrying about getting sick because of too much sweet intake.

Moreover, Stevia makes coffee and tea taste so much better.

So if you are cutting back on drinking coffee because of health problems like diabetes or hyperacidity or in a keto or low carbs diet, Glorious Blend coffee mixes are here to help. You can enjoy all the aroma and flavor of freshly made coffee all day —without a pang of guilt!

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  1. rowenacallovillarenoApril 30, 2021 at 10:42 AM

    I really love coffee and I'm taking it almost 4 times a day. Filipinos have been used of putting lots of sugar in their coffee and it's hard to change it. But I really love this sugar-free coffee mix. It will help us satisfy our cravings for cofee while making us safe because it's sugar-free. I know that a lot of people will love this coffee mix.

  2. Apple Joy CamaΓ±eroApril 30, 2021 at 11:42 AM

    Marami dn tlga mga coffee lover . Pero ganitong klase ng coffee ung mganda .. maraming benefits sa katawan healthy at tlga nmang masarap πŸ€—❤️

  3. Must try this po. πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ˜ Masarap na Healthy pa dami pang benefits. πŸ€—πŸ˜ Perfect din talaga ito sa mga coffee Lover 😍❤️❤️

  4. I love its benefits. No worries na kasi safe and made from natural ingredients.

  5. Myrna ConstantinoMay 14, 2021 at 3:13 AM

    Many of my customers testify it. That even after 7days straight drinking coffee. It was so amazing that when they got the result of their labtest on their sugar level. They Wow because its normal.. I hope we help also others who's suffering diabetes, And to avoid to have an increase sugar level.

    Try it now.
    Just check glorious 3in1 coffee mix. And have a try on yours.