Celebrating Empowered Communities: Join The National Camella Day Extravaganza!

 Get Ready for an August imbued with a Spectacle of Fun and Empowerment!


The stage is set, the colors are ready to burst, and the rhythm of celebration is about to fill the air. Camella, the nation's forerunner in real estate development, is all set to mark its grand 46th anniversary this 2023, promising an August filled with unforgettable extravaganza! Under the vibrant theme of "Celebrating Empowered Communities," Camella aims to bring together all Camella communities nationwide to revel in unity, creativity, growth, and impact.

Embarking on this milestone, this year is set to be an extraordinary celebration for Camella, featuring dynamic and engaging activities designed to resonate with diverse audiences in the form of On Ground and Digital initiatives.

Splash of Colors and Joy

An event celebrating its communities' vibrant diversity, Camella will once again hold another vivacious Color Run. Tie your laces, don your white shirts, and get ready to be drenched in a kaleidoscope of colors as you run through picturesque routes offered by Camella landscapes. The Color Run symbolizes the unity that comes from embracing differences and moving forward as one empowered force.

Evocative Fluidity

Calling all movers and shakers! The Camella Dance Contest awaits your electrifying performances. Show off your dance prowess and celebrate the power of movement in fostering strong communities. The Camella dance floor will come alive with passion, energy, and the spirit of togetherness! 

Fortified Finances

Amidst the festivities, we understand the importance of securing our collective future. Join us in a thought-provoking Financial Wellness Webinar led by esteemed expert Chinkee Tan as he introduces the art of vertical selling. Discover the keys to success in the world of vertical real estate as we delve into empowering game plans designed specifically for sellers. Unleash the proven strategies, innovative marketing approaches, and valuable insights that will equip sellers to excel in the dynamic vertical real estate market. This webinar will have you gain a competitive edge to further empower your skills and drive, fortifying finances and contributions to your community.

The Esteemed Camella Workforce

“Celebrating Empowered Communities” embodies the essence of Camella's philosophy: to create not just houses but thriving neighborhoods turned vibrant communities that foster a sense of belongingness and support, where dreams take flight and aspirations find nurturing wings. 

Behind every dream manifested is an empowered workforce. This celebration not only honors homeowners, investors, and corporate achievements but also serves as a tribute to Camella’s empowered internal community that continues to drive the company’s mission forward. Their passion and commitment to providing quality homes have allowed Camella to touch countless lives by turning them into warm, nurturing homes.

See You At the Festivities

This year’s Camella Day will serve as another testament to the unyielding spirit of progress and resilience that has characterized Camella's journey. Etching a legacy of trust and confidence in the hearts of its valued customers, partners, and employees. Mark your calendars, and let's make this celebration an event of transformation and empowerment.

Follow our official website and social media platforms for updates, registration details, and more. See you all at the festivities as we celebrate Camella's remarkable journey of building empowered communities!


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