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Last March 20, 2017, Hormel Food Corporation's SPAM launched their SPAM CAN CAMPAIGN in the Philippines at Glorietta Activity Center, Ayala Center, Makati City.

The launch is open to the public with SPAM-azing activities. 

The public sing their hearts and emotions out with SPAM-azing activities like CAN-aoke.

Aside from the SPAM-azing activities, different varieties of SPAM dishes were introduced to Filipinos. A Chef demonstrated how to make SPAM fries and other cuisines that each member of the family can enjoy.

Filipino dishes made of SPAM were also placed on several booths so that the public can taste it.




Along with the introduction of spam dishes is the newest boy band in the country, ALL FOR SPAM. The group is composed of a young and talented man who loves SPAM. Supreezy, the bad boy, loves the Spam Hot and Spicy while Mad Mic, the goofball, can eat Spam Bacon 24/7, Pepper, on the other hand, is into the classic Spam and lastly, Ace or the Mr. Lover Boy of the band is as cheesy as the Spam Cheese Flavor.

The four would melt the hearts of Filipinos as they sing and dance the things that SPAM CAN do.

Another highlight of the event is the MAKE-A-HERO SPAMWICH. For PHP 100, the public made their own version of SPAM sandwich. The proceeds were doubled by SPAM and were given to Children's Hour Foundation.

Spam is a popular brand around the world. Its iconic taste and premium quality made it known around the globe and to date, it is sold in over 40 countries. SPAM can be eaten any time of the day. May it be pan fried or cold. SPAM had 14 varieties available in the Philippines- Classic, Lite, Less Sodium, Bacon, Oven Roasted Turkey, Hickory Smoke, Hot & Spicy, Jalapeno, Teriyaki, Black Pepper, Chorizo, Tocino, Garlic and With Cheese. SPAM's goal is to inform Filipinos about the dishes that they can make using SPAM.

Get Fit and Healthy With Fit Cuisne

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There is a saying that "We are what we eat." Our food choices affect our daily routine, our life and most of all our health. The more we eat food rich in fat, salt, sugar and calories the more we fall into the pit of unhealthy lifestyle where different disease and sickness is waiting to attack our precious body. I know for a fact that each of us knows the cons of eating unhealthy food but we don't defer on doing our usual unhealthy lifestyle because doing so means a lot of conscious effort, self-motivation, continuity and most of all money. The reality is the healthier the food, the more expensive it is and the more effort we need to prepare it. Honestly, I don't have both that's why I fall into the pit of unhealthy lifestyle until I came across Fit Cuisine.

Fit Cuisine was established four years ago. Their vision is to provide healthy dishes to Filipinos without compromising the taste of their dishes and convenience of their clients. How? Instead of preparing your healthy meal and taking too much time computing and weighing every ingredient just to get the proper calories, protein, and carbohydrates, Fit Cuisine delivers delectable meals from breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner right in front of your doorstep. Each meal that they serve has low calorie, sugar, fat, and salt.

Photo Credits to Fit Cuisine.

Aside from providing convenience, they also educate their clients by posting motivational before and after photos of their clients who lose weight and got healthier because of proper diet and nutrition. They also share the nutritional benefits of the ingredients that they are using on their social media accounts.

Fit Cuisine sharing the benefits of Chia Sees. Photo Credits to Fit Cuisine.
Here is my meal plan last week with Fit Cuisine:


Breakfast- Egg and Tuna Salad
Lunch- Chicken Florentina
Dinner- Beef Stir-fry
Snack- Melon


Breakfast- Sausage and Eggs
Lunch- Pork Yakiniku
Dinner- Sweet Chili Chicken

Snack- Cauliflower Gratin


Breakfast- Peanut butter and Banana Oats
Lunch- Cajun Chicken with Chimichurri
Dinner-  Coffee Braised Beef

Snack- Orange


Breakfast- Breakfast Burrito
Lunch- Herb Roasted Pork
Dinner-  Beef Bibimbap

Snack- Lychee Jelly


Breakfast-  Fish Congee
Lunch- Pasta Marinara
Dinner-  Fish Fingers with Honey Mustard Sauce

Snack- Grapes and Pineapple 

At first, I was hesitant to try this because a lot of people are telling me that delivered healthy meals have a bland taste but Fit Cuisines' meals are delectable and full of flavor. The meal set is delivered to me every night and all I need to do is reheat it every time I will eat. Surprisingly, the food still tastes good even if it is reheated. The price is reasonable considering the taste of each dish. Continuing my five days meal with Fit Cuisine will surely make me fit and healthy.

To know more about Fit Cuisine you may visit the following social media account,



Cabalen Restaurant : Eat All You Want and Eat All You Can

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No doubt that Filipinos love to eat. For decades A lot of restaurants have been sprouting,  each of which provides different dishes from different culture and race. A lot of cuisines have been introduced to Filipino taste buds but nothing beats the traditional Filipino dishes that uses local ingredients.

We at Travel Eat Pinas love to savor Filipino dishes from Adobo to Paella to  Biko for dessert and the more we can eat this dishes the better! Whenever we crave for an eat all you want and all you can Filipino dishes that fits our budget, we have one Restaurant in mind, the Cabalen Restaurant.

For three decades Cabalen Restaurant provides Filipinos Eat All You Want and All You Can Capampangan dishes. Cabalen started in San Fernando, Pampanga in 1974. It started as small Bahay Pasalubong Restaurant serving Filipino dishes. Later on, it became a "carinderia" or a small eatery where people choose the food they eat based on the available dishes on their counter. By 1986, it became an Eat All You Can, Eat All You Want Restaurant in West Avenue, Quezon City. To date, Cabalen serves All-Filipino and Filipino Asian Buffet. 14 branches serve All-Filipino Buffet while three serves Filipino-Asian Buffet.

All Filipino Buffet serves Filipino dishes and desserts and costs PHP 298.  The Filipino-Asian serves a combination of Filipino dishes cooked the Capampangan way and selected Asian cuisine that satisfies the taste buds of most Filipinos. Filipino-Asian Buffet costs PHP 398.

For us, entering Cabalen Restaurant give us the vibe of the Philippine-Spanish Era. Cabalen is like a house during the Spanish regime in the Philippines. The wooden chairs and tables, paintings and wall decor remind us of the houses described during the Spanish Era.

Interior of Cabalen Restaurant.

Cabalen Restaurant depicts a house during the Philippine-Spanish Era.

Cabalen has different stations that offer different Capampangan dishes and Asian cuisine. Our favorite stations are the dessert and main dish section.

Try the wide range of dishes served in Cabalen Restaurant.

To guide you on having a great Cabalen Restaurant  Eat All You Can and Eat All You Want experience, here are some of the stations that you can drop by while staying in Cabalen Restaurant Filipino Asina Buffet.


To stimulate or kick off our appetite for Filipino and Asian buffet. We always head straight to the Appetizer Station. Cabalen's Appetizer Station composed of their famous Crispy Kangkong or Water Spinach, Okoy Kalabasa, Kakiage or tempura with mixed vegetables, Catfish with Mango Salad,  Lumpiang Hubad and Tokwa't Baboy.





Aside from all time Filipino favorite appetizers, the buffet also serves maki and rolls.



A visit to Pampanga and Cabalen Restaurant is not complete without tasting their Ensalada.

Ensalada is the Spanish version of salad and Cabalen offers a wide variety of it. Our favorite ensalada are the ones with Steamed Vegetables.


Aside from ensalada, Cabalen's Filipino Asian Buffet has make your own salad with dressing.



Here's where we make a lot of stopovers! Filipino dishes cooked the Capampangan way lined up on this station and our visit is not complete without tasting Cabalen's Kare-Kare. Aside from Kare-Kare we also love their Gatang Kuhol or Snails in Coconut Milk,  Pancit Bihon, Gatang Laing and the mouthwatering Lechon de  Leche.







Halo-halo, Bico, and Sampelot are our favorite desserts and all of this are available in Cabalen Restaurant. You can make your own version of halo-halo and savor your favorite Filipino desserts while staying in the restaurant.




For three decades Cabalen Restaurant satisfied Filipino craving for authentic and traditional Capampangan dishes with their Eat All You Can and Eat All You Want concept. The buffet has different stations with a wide range of available dishes and the price of the buffet is affordable.

In celebration of Cabalen Restaurant's 30 years of providing traditional Capampangan dishes and specialties to Filipinos Travel Eat Pinas and Cabalen Restaurant is giving away TWO BUFFET PASSES to ONE LUCKY WINNER this MARCH!


Cabalen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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In celebration of Cabalen Restaurant's three decades of providing traditional Capampangan dishes and specialties to Filipinos, Travel Eat Pinas and Cabalen Restaurant is giving away TWO BUFFET PASSES to ONE LUCKY WINNER this MARCH!

Joining the contest is easy. All you have to do is Like, Follow and Share.

LIKE Cabalen Restaurant and Travel Eat Pinas FACEBOOK PAGE.

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SHARE  this post  bold right arrow bold left arrow  on your facebook account. Tell us why you want to win the buffet passes and tag three (3) of your friends on your post. Make sure that your post is in public and don't forget to use the hashtag  #TravelEatPinas #Cabalen3Dekada #TrEaPhSaCabalen.

The most creative reason will win the buffet passes. The lucky winner will be announced on March 27, 2017, at Travel Eat Pinas Facebook Page.

The winner will claim his or her buffet passes at Cabalen Restaurant Head Office located at 54 JP Rizal Street, corner Aguado Street, Project 4, Quezon City (near Katipunan LRT Station).

AZZURRO HOTEL : Eat, Stay and Experience Home

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Last February 25-26, 2017 Pinoy Bloggers went on an exciting adventure in Central Luzon and during that two days trip we stay, eat and experience home at Azzurro Hotel.

Azzurro Hotel is a 3-star hotel located at 4895 Manila N Road, Balibago, Angeles City, Pampanga. It is a 9-storey building that has 118 luxurious and budget-friendly rooms and suites that fit the needs and wants of local and foreign guests. The hotel is located in the heart of Angeles City, Pampanga and is accessible to the different essential establishment like banks, restaurants, government agencies, malls and even casino.

From Dau Bus Terminal it will take you seven to ten minutes to reach the hotel. If you are coming from Clark International Airport it will take you 16 to 30 minutes and from Manila, it will take you a two hours drive to reach Azzurro Hotel.

Warm greeting welcomed us as we enter the hotel lobby. We were assisted courteously as we placed our bags in our own respective rooms.

Key card and some of the welcome kits in Azzuro Hotel.

Azzurro Hotel provides six type of rooms that fit the personality and preferences of their guests- Standard, Deluxe King, Deluxe Twin, Junior and Deluxe Suite and Executive. Each room is equipped with the following amenities:

Air Condition                                       Refrigerator                              Private toilet and bathroom 
Cable TV                                                Safety deposit box                    Hairdryer
FREE Wi-Fi Internet access            Telephone                                  Complete set of toiletries 
Coffee and Tea maker.                      Writing desk

Some of the complementaries of the hotel.

Me and my roommate, The Kikay Traveller, stayed in a Deluxe Twin Room. Upon entering, the first thing that I noticed was the earth tone colors of the room. The natural shade of the earth incorporated in the area gave the room a warm, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere. It has two double bed set up which is ideal for family or group of four. For those who needs to work while on vacation, a writing desk is readily available in the room along with coffee and tea maker. The room is spacious and neat.

Double bed set up of  Deluxe Twin Room.

Some of the amenities found on the Deluxe Twin Room.

The bath and toilet room also has earth tone colors. The toilet area is spacious with two sinks and mirrors. Complete set of toiletries were neatly arranged in the middle of the sink and mirror. The bath area like the toilet is spacious.

Bath and toilet amenities of Deluxe Twin Room.

Aside from our room, we were privileged to see the Junior Suite and Executive Rooms in the hotel.

Like the Deluxe Twin, the Junior Suite has earth tone colors. The room is perfect for couples or one to two person. The room has a king-sized bed set up and working desk. Unlike the Deluxe Twin, this room has its own living room area and bath tub.

King-sized bed set up of Junior Suite.

Living room area and work desk of the Junior Suite.

Bathroom of Junior Suite.

Bathroom of Junior Suite.

The largest room is the Executive Room. Like the Junior Suite, it has earth tone colors, king-sized bed set up, working desk, living room area and bath tub. The  Executive room also has a minibar which is perfect for celebrating a special occasion with family or with your loved ones.

King-sized bed set up of Executive Room.

Mini Bar at Executive Room.

Bathroom of Executive Room.

Bathroom of  Executive Room.

Before heading Tree Top Adventure, Subic, Azzurro Hotel treat us with a sumptuous breakfast at Terraza Roof  Deck Restaurant. The restaurant serves a Filipino-American breakfast buffet. Bistek Bangus, Assorted Sausages, and Penne are some of the dishes serve in Terraza. What I love about Terraza, aside from the food that they serve, is the panoramic view of the mighty Mount Arayat.

Panoramic View of Mount Arayat at Terraza Roof  Deck Restaurant.

Breakfast Buffet at Terraza Roof  Deck Restaurant.

My sumptuous breakfast at Terraza Roof Deck Restaurant.

Aside from Terraza Roof Deck Restaurant, Azzurro Hotel also provides one of the best cafes for pastry lovers and those who want to meet and unwind with a cup of coffee or other refreshments. Capri Lobby Cafe and Bar has a relaxing and classy ambiance with its earth tone colors and elegant decor. The cafe offers snacks, pastries, and cocktails with relaxing music.

Elegant Capri Lobby Cafe and Bar.

During dinner, Terraza Roof Deck Restaurant let us savor their best dishes. We started with Azzurro Green Salad with Asian Dressing.

Azzurro Green Salad with Asian Dressing.

The salad is composed of mixed green leaves with slices of cucumber, watermelon, red radish, feta cheese and drizzled with tangy mango Asian dressing. The salad is refreshing and sweet.

Along with the salad are the delectable canape starters with juicy shrimps.


We also tried Terraza's Chicken in Barbecue Sauce. The chicken is tender and oozing with barbecue flavor.

Chicken in Barbecue Sauce.

We ended our dinner with fresh fruits and my new favorite pastry, the cannoli bread. I love the flaky bread that wraps the creamy cheesy filling with chocolate bits. The bread is a must try and I will definitely go back to Terraza to grab a bite of this one!

Cannoli Bread.

Terraza Roof  Deck Restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and also have live bands for a cozy night out during Tuesday to Sunday.

Terraza Roof  Deck Restaurant at night.

Aside from the great rooms and dishes that Azzurro Hotel has, they also provide their guests a fitness and wellness center. For those who cannot start or end the day without an exercise, you can go to the fitness area of the hotel and do your routine and if you get tired of traveling around Pampanga or with work, you can dip on their jacuzzi or relax in their sauna.

Fitness Center.

Jacuzzi and wellness area of the Hotel.

Azzuro Hotel ensures that each guest will eat, stay, and experience home by providing the following essential services that will give their guests a worry-free stay:

Concierge Service                              Airport Transfer     
Fitness Center                                    Meeting and Conference Rooms
Room Service                                      Wake-up Call
Valet Parking                                       Laundry, dry cleaning, and press
Car Rental                                            City transfer and shuttle service to selected destinations
On-call Medical Assistance

Staying in Azzuro Hotel feels like home. I was able to do my daily routine with the facilities and amenities that they have, my palate enjoyed the delectable dishes and pastries that they serve and I was able to relax, feel safe and rest in our room. The wellness center relaxed and calm my tired body while the great scenery at Terraza Roof Deck Restaurant made me appreciate the beauty of Mount Arayat.

To know more about Azzuro Hotel, you may visit the following website and social media accounts:



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