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Exploring new places, learning different traits and culture, savoring different delicacies and loving nature and it’s wonders is what  travelers long for. Extreme heat, rain or even storm cannot stop a passionate traveler. Travelers are always equipped with their travel necessities and a lot of articles have been written regarding the  gadgets and apparel that should be brought whenever a traveler start a new journey, but, aside from the equipment, kits and wardrobe that should be brought, do travelers also consider packing vitamins and medicine that is essential whenever they travel?

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances that affect our health whenever we travel happens, some are tolerable and others are crucial that seeks medical attention. To avoid this scenarios Travel Eat Pinas and United Home listed  four basic medicine and vitamins that a travel should never go out with.

Ascorbic Acid

United Home CEETAB SRP price per piece is Php 1.75

By taking the prescribed daily dose of Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid, your body is ready to fight fatigue caused by new environment, timezone and change of weather . It can also neutralize free radicals to boost your immune system and increase your energy, so that , feeling low or  slightly ill during your trip will be avoided. So to make sure that you'll have a memorable and joyful trip, always take the prescribed dose of Vitamin C or Ascorbic Acid.

Meclizine HCl

United Home DIZITAB SRP price per piece is Php 9.50

Long flights and extensive road trips can cause dizziness or motion sickness that can lead to vomiting or feeling unwell. A Meclizine HCL readily available on your bag can ease your motion sickness so that you'll surely enjoy your trips no matter how long you reach your destination.

Sodium Bicarbonate

United Home SUPRACID SRP price per piece is Php 0.75

Admit it or not, but, you tend to eat a lot whenever you travel or you sometimes forget to eat on time because you want to discover more or you are fascinated with the wonders that your trip is offering. Both eating too much and not eating on time can ruin your vacation  because it can lead to hyperacidity. Hyperacidity can cause discomfort, pain, burning feeling and even nausea. To avoid experiencing the latter because you eat a lot or forgot to do the former, make sure to bring a Sodium Bicarbonate on your trips.


United Home LORMIDE SRP price per piece is Php 8.00

When you travel, food trip is unlimited. Traveling is not complete without savoring the dishes of your destination's must try restaurants and local delicacies. Eating too much sometimes lead to episodes of diarrhea and sad to say, but, the former is the most common illness of travelers. Diarrhea can cause pain, discomfort and even dehydration to an individual and experiencing those can surely ruin your trip. So to make sure that you'll have a diarrhea free vacation, it is a must that you always put a Loperamide on your baggage.

United Home is a division of UNILAB that offers cost effective medicine and vitamins. Each medicine and vitamins  that they produce are in good quality and proven effective. So on your next vacation or trip don't forget to bring medicines and vitamins from UNITED HOME, your travel, health and wellness partner!

Food Craving Satisfied! Thanks To Food Panda

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As a Filipino, we love savoring  different dishes and cuisine, but, admit it, even though how much we love to eat, crave and think about the taste of a certain dish, for example, Chicken Joy of  Jollibee, we tend to ignore the temptation of eating the crunchy and juicy Chicken Joy. Why?  Let's say because of this four reasons:


Relaxing at home and lazy to go outside? (photo credits to pixabay.com)

Admit it, when you find the perfect relaxation spot inside the house, whether it could be in your bed, couch or in your garden, getting out of the house is a real struggle. Thinking of the hustle and bustle metro and traffic would ruin your relaxing day. So, instead of going out to buy what you are craving for, you'll end up eating what's inside the fridge or cook a dish that can at least suffice your cravings but at the end of the day you are not satisfied with what you eat.


Craving for food but raining hard outside. (Photo credits to stocksnap.io)

Even if you are in the office or at home,  when this two strikes, you'll have a hard time battling with yourself if it is worthy to step out of the building and endure an extreme heat or be ready to get wet just to satisfy your cravings. A lot of us would stay in the office and at home. Wait until the heat and rain submerge, but, when that happen, your cravings is already gone.


Don't have time to eat because of hectic reports? (Photo credits to Lukas)

There would always be a moment in our life  when we are having a hard time  juggling our work or school errands and activities that going to  Jollibee, just to satisfy our cravings for Chicken Joy, will consume much of our precious time. To save time, what we do is eat what is available even though we are not happy eating it.


Too lazy to drive or go to the restaurant? (Photo credits to stock.tookapic.com)

Admit it, when you experience this lazy feeling  and when you are paralyzed with this so-called “feeling,” no matter how much you think of the crunchy skin and juicy meat of Chicken Joy, you’ll see yourself slacking off and eat whatever is available inside your fridge.

The latter scenarios are frustrating right? But thanks to modern technology, even though how lazy or busy we are, with just a click on our mobile phone, Food Panda can deliver our desired cuisine right in front of our office lobby or doorstep.

Food cravings can be satisfied with  an online  food ordering website and app called Food Panda.

Food Panda is an online food ordering website and app that conveniently connect its users and their desired local restaurants. By browsing the internet or downloading Food Panda App, users can  browse the restaurant’s menu, check the reviews,  get the best deal, pay using their desired mode of payment and wait for the dish to be delivered on their desired destination.

In the Philippines, Food Panda, provides convenience to Filipinos with their online food ordering website and app since 2014. To date,  Food Panda caters nearly 2,000 local restaurants in key cities and urban centers.

Food Panda  Mobile App.

Using Food Panda App is easy. Following this eight easy steps can suffice your cravings in a matter of minutes to an hour.

STEP 1     Enter your location.

Food Panda can automatically locate your location or you can  manually put your desired delivery address. Food Panda can suggest restaurants within three (3) kilometers radius to ensure that the food you ordered will be deliver in good condition.

STEP 2     Choose a restaurant.

Choose from  over 1,000 restaurants located on  key cities like Manila and Cebu and urban centers.

To help you decide on what restaurant to choose, Food Panda shows the Operating Hours, Delivery Fee, Minimum Required Order, Ratings and Client Reviews of their partner restaurants.

STEP 3     Choose from the menu.

Satisfy your craving by choosing the dish that you desire on the menu. Prices of the dish are shown as well as the latest promos of the restaurant that you pick.

STEP 4     Tap add to basket

Add your desired dish to the basket.  Take note that some restaurant require Delivery Fee that costs Php 59.00.

STEP 5     Double check your order and proceed to checkout

Double check your order to make sure that the dishes delivered to you is the one  that you are craving for.

STEP 6     Choose your delivery address

Input your desired delivery address.

STEP 7     Select payment method

Choose your desired payment method. You can pay either on Pay Pal, Online and Cash on Delivery. For Cash on Delivery, the system will ask you for the possible change on the amount you will be paying.

STEP 8      Check your order details

Again, double check your order and click PLACE ORDER. Default waiting time is 60 minutes after the restaurant has confirmed receipt of your order. For further queries, you can talk to Customer Service Representative via Live Chat.

To know more about Food Panda, you may visit the following website and social media accounts:






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Suman is a rice cake that originated in the Philippines. It is a Filipino staple food that is usually seen whenever you visit a  province in the Philippines. It is eaten during breakfast and “merienda” or light snack during late morning or mid afternoon. It is usually sold on public markets and terminals making it one of the famous "pasalubong" of Filipinos.

Suman Latik of Senyor Juan.

Suman is made of glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk and wrapped in “buri” or banana leaf. Suman is usually eaten with sugar  and  “latik” or caramelized coconut cream.

Today suman can be savored even when you are in Metro Manila, thanks to Senyor Juan.

Senyor Juan and Suman Latik with a twist.

Senyor Juan aims to make Suman Latik known, available and affordable to Filipinos. Suman of Senyor Juan are prepared with good quality and served with a twist.

Suman Latik readily available for Filipinos.

Senyor Juan has three varieties of Suman – Suman Latik, Espesyal and Fried Suman. Among all the this varieties Travel Eat Pinas' favorite fall under the Espesyal Suman Latik.


Espesyal Ube Macapuno Suman Latik is served with a suman drizzled with latik and topped with macapuno and thick chunks of ube halaya.

The ube halaya is creamy and sweet while the Macapuno  has the right sweetness. The two harmoniously blend with the suman and latik. Espesyal Ube Macapuno costs Php 69.00.


Espesyal Leche Flan Suman Latik is served with a slice of suman drizzled with latik and topped with creamy leche flan and roasted peanuts.

This suman tastes creamy and at the same time full of texture coming from the roasted peanuts. Espesyal Leche Flan Suman Latik costs Php 69.00.


Espesyal Manga Suman Latik is served with a suman drizzled with latik and topped with slices of Mangoes and roasted peanuts.

The sweetness of mango and the latik blends perfectly with the suman while the peanuts added texture to it. Espesyal Manga Suman Latik  costs Php 69.00

Aside from Espesyal and Fried Suman Latik, Senyor Juan also serve Filipino inspired beverages:

Dalandan Honey Juice – Php 35.00
Mangosteen Honey Juice – Php 45.00
Gourmet Barako Coffee – Php 35.00
Home Made Hot Choco Tablea – Php 99.00
Ice Cold Barako Coffee – PHP 45.00

And for pasalubong, Senyor Juan serves:

Senyorita  ( 3 pieces Suman Latik) – Php 105.00
Senyora ( 6 pieces Suman Latik) – Php 199.00
Senyor ( 12 pieces Suman Latik) – Php 399.00

To know more about Senyor Juan you may visit the following website and social media accounts:





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El Masfino Hotel is a 3-hectare luxury and hidden paradise in Bulacan that can provide a complete vacation package suited for family, friends and even relationship building for teams and co-workers.

Cabanas located near the hotel building.

A 45-minutes to an hour drive from Manila can lead you to  El Masfino Hotel. The hotel is situated inside Royal Northwoods Golf and Residential Estates and El Masfino Country Club at Coral na Bato, San Rafael, Bulacan.


1. From North Luzon Expressway  exit to BALAGTAS,
2. Drive straight to Plaridel By-Pass Road ,
3. Turn right to Viola Road .
4. Pass by Royal Northwoods Golf and Residential Estate until you reach the hotel.

El Masfino Hotel is spacious and situated with luscious trees, palm and bushes. Cabanas are strategically placed near the swimming pool and hotel rooms to enable guests to unwind and relax.

El Masfino Hotel.

Activities for families are situated near the pool area while obstacle course for team building are installed in a spacious field near the picnic area.

Aside form the usual activities that can be done in a hotel, Travel Eat Pinas listed nine activities that your family, friends and co workers can enjoy while staying at El Masfino Hotel


Relaxation at El Masfino Hotel starts with enjoying the comfort of  home in the rooms available in the hotel. You can settle on either Deluxe or Suite Rooms. Each room is fully air conditioned and has readily available tea and coffee maker,  cable television, mini bar with beverages and snacks, internet, and telephone for outgoing calls and 24/7 access to the hotel's front desk for queries and request.


Suite rooms is good for four (4) adults and (2) kids. It has a build in kitchen, dining and living room area.  In the middle of the bed room lies a king sized bed  with stylish lamps on both side of the headboard.

Living room area of Suite Room.

Kitchen and dining area of Suite Room. 

The lavatory inside the bedroom has both shower and toilet area. It has fresh towels and complimentary toiletries readily available for your consumption.

Earth toned bedroom.

The room is spacious and has earth tone colors that can easily calm your senses.


Deluxe rooms is good for two (2) adults and two (2) kids.  This room has two  (2)  twin  bed  with sitting area.  The room is  fully air conditioned and with cable television. Fresh toiletries and towels are readily available on the lavatory for your consumption.

Toilet area of Deluxe Room.

Complimentary soap at the hotel.

Like the Suite Rooms, Deluxe Rooms are also spacious and with earth tone color.

Aside from relaxing on the comfort of El Masfino rooms, cabanas are strategically placed  in the hotel where guests can sit, breath fresh air and enjoy a quiet alone time.


Your family and friends can sing their hearts out and dance while bonding at the hotel's KTV Room. The former has a living room set up with wide screen television, high quality sound system and is fully air conditioned.

KTV room.

Sing your hearts out at El Masfino KTV room.


Each member of your group can ease stress, boost energy and relax your muscles with  El Masfino's signature massage. You can either have a soothing massage on their  Massage Hut or in the comfort of your rooms.

Massage Hut.


El Masfino Hotel enables each member of your group to feel the ocean waves with their wave pool. Basketball can also be played at their lap pool and for some adventure, you can hop on an inflatable and tour around the hotels raging river.

Wave Pool.


El Masfino Hotel has an open field with obstacle course that can surely enhance relationship among your family, friends and co-workers. The obstacle course is composed of five (5) activities that will test each participants strength, stamina and trust to one another.

Obstacle course located at an open area of El Masfino Hotel.

Obstacle course located at an open area of El Masfino Hotel.


Kids will surely enjoy playing in an outdoor playground with swings, slides, viewing deck and climbing frame.

Outdoor playground.


Grill or have a barbecue weekend with the family while breathing some fresh air and enjoying nature at the hotel's Picnic area.

Picnic Area.


Add some adventure by driving a buggy or ATV on an exciting trail inside the hotel.


Ride a bicycle around the hotel's vicinity and enjoy the serene place, nature and breath some fresh air.

Mountain Bikes that can be used to stroll around the hotel.

To know more about El Masfino Hotel you may visit the following website and social media accounts:




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A SQUARE, formerly Augustine Square, opened their doors to Bulaqueños last year. To date A SQUARE is a one stop community hub that provides commercial and retail centers and government offices that can cater the needs and wants of Bulaqueños.

A SQUARE is spacious and well ventilated. Retail Stores that are homegrown and Government Offices are located on the hub’s ground floor while a commercial center is located on the second floor of the building. It also has a wide parking space for clients who will bring their car during their visit. Every Sunday, A SQUARE holds a public mass at the hub's chapel to celebrate, honor, worship and thank God.

To guide you on the list of establishments that can be found at A SQUARE, Travel Eat Pinas listed the Retail Stores, Salon, Spa, Cafe, Restaurant and Government Offices that can be found inside the hub.



Honey Lyn started as an online store and later on venture at A SQUARE to provide Bulaqueños affordable bags, wallets and other merchandise from Hongkong and Dubai.

Classy and cute bags from Honey Lyn.

Affordable classy bag at Honey Lyn.

Product: Bags and Luggage

Price: Php 100- 2,000

Operating Hours: 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Location: Ground Floor, A SQUARE, Baliuag Bulacan


Pick a box caters to aspiring entrepreneurs who cannot afford a commercial space and shoppers who loves unique merchandise at an affordable cost. Entrepreneurs can rent a box to exhibit their products for  as low as Php 1000 a month.

Choose your needs and wants from Pick A Box wide array of item and merchandise.

Cosmetics and Japanese items that can be bought at Pick A Box.

Products: Apparel, Gadget, Collectible Items, Bags, Toys, Scent and Skin Care Products

Operating Hours: 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Location: Ground Floor, A SQUARE, Baliuag Bulacan.


Adriana’s provides  school supplies and merchandise that are affordable compared to leading school supplies shops in Baliuag, Bulacan.

Products: School Supplies and Gift Items

Operating Hours: 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Location: Ground Floor, A SQUARE, Baliuag Bulacan


Navarro's Furniture sells antique pieces and collectors item  such as coins, brushes and radio. High quality wood crafts and furniture made of Narra and Molave tree are also exhibited on the furniture shop.

Navarro's specialty are wood furniture and antiques.

Old wooden radio at Navarro's Furniture

A collector's item at Navarro's.

Products: Antique, Collectors Item and Furniture

Operating Hours: 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Location: Ground Floor, A SQUARE, Baliuag Bulacan

ICon Classic

Footwear and bags that have good quality, affordable and comparable to known brands in the market can be found in ICon Classics. ICon Classic Footwear are comfortable to wear and stylish. The bags on the other hand, are fashionable and have up to date designs. ICon Classic products came all the way from Korea and China.

Comfortable and fashionable shoes for male. 

Stylish slippers.

Doll shoes for ladies for Php 199.

Products: Footwear, Bags and Apparel

Operating Hours: 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Location: Ground Floor, A SQUARE, Baliuag Bulacan

CIGNAL, Target Force Marketing Inc.

Target Force Marketing Inc. provides cable and internet services. They are the authorized distributor of CIGNAL TV in Baliuag, Bulacan. Aside from providing cable services, Target Force Marketing Inc. also supply internet services through PLDT.

Target Force Marketing Inc.

Product: Cable and Internet

Price: CIGNAL package starts at Php 299 up to Php 1,500

Operating Hours: 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Location: Ground Floor, A SQUARE, Baliuag Bulacan



Nail Impression provides relaxing massage, facial treatment, waxing  and head and foot care. Products used by the former are organic and imported.

For hand and foot care needs visit Nail Impression.

Cozy and relaxing ambiance at Nail Impression.

Service: Hand and Foot Care, Body Massage, Facial Treatment, Waxing

Operating Hours: 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Location: Ground Floor, A SQUARE, Baliuag Bulacan


CREATIONS Lourd Ramos Salon is a beauty salon that caters haircut for men, woman and even children. Aside from haircut they also offer hair color and highlights, hair treatment, treading, nail care, and make up.

Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon.

For hair care need visit Creations.

State of the art salon of Creations.

Service: Hair Color, Straightening, Styling, Perming and Make up services.

Operating Hours: 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Location: Ground Floor, A SQUARE, Baliuag Bulacan


BAAN KHUN THAI is knows as the House of Traditional Massage. BAAN KHUN THAI has a relaxing ambiance and offers blissful massage that can ease stress, fatigue, and muscle pains.

Relaxing and comfortable ambiance of the Spa,

Service: Thai Foot and Body Massage, Swedish Massage, Bentosa and Stone Massage and Aromatherapy.

Operating Hours: 12:00 PM to 12:00 MN

Location: Second Floor, A SQUARE, Baliuag Bulacan



CITI GATE TRAVEL PLUS is a travel and tours company  that can provide special tour packages to best destinations in the Philippines and in other countries in the world.

Service: Airlines Ticketing and Tour Packages for both Domestic and International Destination.

Operating Hours: 11:30 AM to 8:30 PM

Location: Ground Floor, A SQUARE, Baliuag Bulacan



Hapag is an event and buffet restaurant that originated in Bulacan. Hapag serves Filipino cuisine and is part of the "Pinaka Yummy sa Pinas Part Two."

Hapag serves lunch and dinner buffet for Php 299.

Filipino Dishes served at Hapag.

Specialty: Filipino Cuisine

Price: Php 299.00

Operating Hours: Lunch 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
                               Dinner 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Location: Second Floor, A SQUARE, Baliuag Bulacan


Bavarian Coffee Co. provides a relaxing, serene and classy ambiance perfect for studying, time alone or even meetings.

Have a cup of coffee at Bavarian.

Classy and relaxing ambiance at Bavarian.

Specialty: Coffee and Pastries.

Operating Hours: 11:00 AM to 11:30 PM

Location: Second Floor, A SQUARE, Baliuag Bulacan


Rosemary's Kitchen provides Eat All You Can Filipino Dishes for lunch and dinner.

Filipino Dishes served in Rosemary's.

Elegant interior of Rosemary's.

Specialty: Filipino Cuisine

Price: Php 199.00

Location: Ground Floor, A SQUARE, Baliuag Bulacan



Pag-IBIG Office at A Square, Baliuag Bulacan.

Service: Housing Loan and Government Contribution

Operating Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Location: Ground Floor, A SQUARE, Baliuag Bulacan

Starting July 28. 2017, A Square will open a bazaar that will be situated at the parking of the hub.

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