Cha Cha’s Beach Café : Ube Haven in the Island of Boracay

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A few months back, I went to one of the most beautiful islands in the Philippine and in the world, Boracay. During my stay on the former, I found a Café that serves not just delectable dishes but also a haven for Ube or purple yam lovers like me. 

Ube is a Filipino term for a kind of edible yam that has a purple color. Ube is widely used in the Philippines and considered as one of the staple desserts, ingredients for baking and a favorite flavor of cakes and ice cream.

The Café that serves Ube inspired dish on the island of Boracay is known to all as Cha Cha’s Beach Café.

Cha Cha's Beach Cafe is located at the Beach Front of Station 2, Boracay Island, Philippines. Cha Cha's is the cafe of Coast Boracay that serves a wide array of dishes that can satisfy the palate of their guests that are living from the different sides of the globe. 

Some of the mouthwatering and finger licking dishes at Cha Cha's Beach Cafe.

Cha Cha’s Beach Café has a Latin-inspired vibe that perfectly matches the tropical island. The Café has both earthy and vibrant colors with indoor palm plants, woven chairs, wooden tables and bench that creates a perfect relaxing dining spot by the beach.

The tropical vibe inside Cha Cha's Beach Cafe.

Filipino made woven chairs and tables outside the Cafe.

Ube lovers can start their day with a breakfast at Cha Cha’s Beach Café's Breakfast Buffet. Cha Cha’ Breakfast Buffet is composed of a wide variety of breakfast cuisines from Filipino, Western and Asian dishes. Along with the breakfast dishes served at Cha Cha’s Beach Café are the pancakes and waffles with Ube Ganache.

Personalized Good Morning Pancake at Cha Cha's Beach Cafe that you can enjoy with Cha Cha's Ube Ganache.

The Ube ganache matches and adds a distinct flavor to the fluffy pancakes of Cha Cha’s. It is not that sweet and it gives a new take on the usual pancakes with either chocolate or maple syrup.

Aside from the pancake with Ube ganache are my favorite Filipino breakfast duo of Cha Cha’s Beach Café, the Ube Champorado and Ube Taho. Like the Ube ganache,  Ube turned the usual Taho and Champorado to an interesting, unique and delectable dish.

Cha Cha's Ube Taho.

Cha Cha's Beach Cafe innovated the usual taho that we grew up with. Instead of using the usual white fresh soft tofu, Cha Cha's mixed the former with Ube that turned the white tofu to purple and with additional flavor. 

They also use the same technique in the Ube Champorado. Instead of mixing tablea or cacao chocolate to the rice to create the Champorado that we know, Cha Cha's Beach Cafe added purple yam to the rice. At first, I was hesitant to try their Champorado. The earthy flavors of Ube might not blend well with the usual Champorado ingredients, but, lo and behold! Cha Cha's Ube Champorado is way better than all the Champorado that I tasted. Surprisingly, the distinct flavors of Ube blended well with the usual toppings of Champorado which are milk and tuyo or dried fish. It is also not that sweet compared with the Champorado that uses tablea as its main ingredient.

 Ube Champorado of Cha Cha's Beach Cafe.

Another Ube inspired Must Try at Cha Cha’s Beach Café is their Halo-Halo. Cha Cha’s Halo Halo is not the typical one that is served on the restaurants in Boracay or even in the Philippines. Cha Cha’s Halo Halo’s is served on a skillet with cream as its base, a pie with halo-halo ingredients filling and topped with Ube Ice Cream and a generous chunk of Leche Flan. Eating Cha Cha's Halo-Halo is a unique gastronomical experience on my end. The pie provided a whole new texture to the Halo-Halo while the whipped cream and leche flan added addition creaminess to the Halo-Halo fillings inside the pie. On the other hand,  the Ube flavored Ice Cream gave this dessert a refreshing and earthy flavor that compliments the former very well.

Cha Cha's Halo-Halo.

Cha Cha’s Beach Café can satisfy one’s craving for Ube flavored and inspired Filipino breakfast cuisines and snacks but also provide unique and innovative dishes to the palate of locals and foreigners alike. 

To know more about Cha Cha's Beach Cafe, you visit the following website and social media accounts:




Must Buy Pasalubong in Boracay

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After days of exploring and enjoying the majestic island vibe of Boracay comes the heartbreaking feeling that you have to go back to reality or should I say, home, but, aside from that sad thought is the mind bothering battle of pasalubong ideas in your mind. “What pasalubong should you give to your Mom, Dad and other members of the family? and oh! don't forget your friends and co-workers!” As much as possible you want to bring something unique and would suit the characteristics of the person that will receive it, right? Honestly, looking for a unique pasalubong in Boracay is hard to do. Stores on the island sell Boracay shirt, fridge magnet, keychain, sand bottles, puka shells, bags and capiz products. Almost all of the items look the same and the only difference is the price.

A few months ago, I also experienced the same dilemma when I was in Boracay. I am having a hard time looking for some unique pasalubong until I came across The General Store of Coast Boracay.

The General Store is situated at Coast Boracay. Coast Boracay is located at the  Beach Front of Station 2 in Boracay Island, Philippines. The General Store promotes and sells Filipino made products such as handicrafts, notebooks, earrings, perfumes, bags, toys and beachwear that are made, crafted, and manufactured by Filipinos from different municipality and regions of the Philippines.

Some of the items that can be bought at The General Store.

The first items that caught my attention at the General Store are the eye-catching and witty labeled perfume of Simoy ng Haraya.

Filipino romance inspired scents of Simoy Ng Haraya.

Simoy ng Haraya is part potion and part liquid poetry. It is composed of scents conceptualized and made by Lala de Leon. Every perfume in the bottle is labeled with catchy names that depict romance in the Filipino language like Sulyap or furtive glance, Kilig or romantic excitement, Gayuma or Love Potion and Alaala or the memory of the person you love. Along with the Filipino romance labels, are tanaga or traditional Filipino 4-line poem made by Angelo V. Suarez.

Simoy ng Haraya scents.

Another interesting item at The General Store is the artisan soaps of Soak.

Artisan soaps by Soak.

Soak offers homemade, artisan soap and bath time treat that are made with 45% olive oil, all natural, plant-based and cruelty-free. Every soap of Soak is designed according to dreams, people, nature, art and everything that we daily encounter. Aside from cleaning, Soak promises to give the usual bath time a twist by awakening the senses and releasing happy feeling in every use of their product.

Everyday soap designed to awaken the senses of the people who will use it.

As a toy lover, I wouldn’t miss the chance to buy at least one toy during my trips and luckily I saw one unique toy at The General Store that kids and child at heart will definitely love. These toys are called knitted plushies by Knitting Expedition.

Knitting Expedition provides opportunities to the mothers who farm in the rice terraces of the Ifugao region. They teach and sell the hand-knitted toys, homemade home accessories and wholly warmers made by the mothers from Ifugao.

Knitted dolphin plushies. (📸 Knitting Expedition)

Adorable knitted sea creatures plushies like dolphin, seal, starfish, whale and even mermaid are available at The General Store.

 Another must buy pasalubong at The General Store are the Philippine homegrown coffee of STEEP COFFEE BAGS.

Roasted coffee bean in a bag.

STEEP COFFEE BAGS promotes a new and easy way of brewing coffee. STEEP Coffee Bags only requires a cup and hot water in brewing coffee. Every coffee bags of STEEP has thin biodegradable coffee bags that enables the hot water to flow smoothly inside the bag when brewing the coffee. STEEP uses roasted coffee beans from different regions of the Philippines that are known to provide rich and distinct flavor and aroma.

Roasted coffee from Sultan Kudarat, Sagada, and Batangas.

Another all-natural product that I love at The General Store is from Happy Camper.

Kikay travel must-haves from the Happy Camper.

Happy Camper market all-natural and no preservative kikay travel necessity items such as cucumber or lemongrass hydrating face mist, anti-mosquito stick, bamboo balm and coco block or sunblock. Happy Camper based the shelf life of their products on the ingredients that they used.

The General Store indeed serves as a venue to purchase interesting items for pasalubong in Boracay and a place where homegrown Filipino artists and entrepreneurs can showcase their innovative, unique and eco-friendly products that Filipinos and foreigners will surely love.

To know more about The General Store, you may visit the following website and social media accounts:




3rd Batangas Food Festival Celebration at Matabungkay Beach Hotel

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Ber months (October- December) in the Philippines is synonymous with the holiday or festive season for Filipinos and the best way to celebrate the former is to rekindle, revive and indulge on traditional Filipino cuisines made by renowned homegrown Chefs from different provinces in the Philippines.

In the Province of Batangas, Philippines, Matabungkay Beach Hotel celebrated the 3rd Batangas Food Festival last October 28, 2017, along with their 35th year anniversary.

Batangas Food Festival started in Matabungkay  Beach Hotel with the aim of promoting local Batangas dishes that are either cooked traditionally or used with a variety of cooking techniques that result to innovative Batangas cuisines.

This year, Batangas Food Festival featured 30 Batangas dishes and five(5) concoctions made by homegrown Batangas Chefs - Chef Jaja Andal of Balayan, Matabungkay Beach Hotel Executive Chef Ricardo Dino Jr. of Calatagan and Adobo Queen Nancy Reyes- Lumen.

Matabungkay Beach Hotel Executives, Chefs and prominent family representative of Batangas.

Chef Jaja Andal created appetizers, entrée, and desserts by mixing various cooking techniques that innovated the traditional Batangas dish that we grew up with.  She prepared her own versions of Paella, Ala-Ella Halaan and Ala-Ella Dinuguan. The former is the combination of Halaan or  Clam Soup and Paella while the latter is Dinuguan and Paella. She also prepared desserts like the must try La Jajingka Bibingka which is a Bibingka that looks like and has the same texture as leche flan and Tablea at Jacobina.

Ala-Ella Halaan

Ala-Ella Dinuguan

La Jajingka Bibingka

Tablea at Jacobina

On the other hand, Chef Ricardo Dino Jr., impart the importance of slow cooking and prolonged simmers in making Batangas cuisines.  Slow cooking and long simmer are widely practiced in Batangas because it enables the dish to emit its inviting aroma and flavors. Chef Dino prepared dishes like Inihaw na Bias, Kinamatisang Bulalo and shared his expertise in cooking Baby Squid Salpicao.

Baby Squid Salpicao.

Adobo Queen, Nancy Reyes-Lumen showcased her detectable adobo recipes by letting the public taste her Rodrigo’s Roast and Crispy Adobong Manok sa Kapeng Barako.

Crispy Adobong Manok sa Kapeng Barako

Along with the dishes served by the Chefs are the  dishes made from  the recipes of prominent families in the province of Batangas such as Lomi ng Lipa by Daza Family of Lipa, Pesang Maya-Maya with Ginisang Kamatis at Miso by Limjoco Family of Lian, Sinampalukang Manok by Poblador Family of Balibago, Sinaing na Tulingan sa Gata by Leviste Family of Batangas City, Pinais na Baboy by Lontoc Family of Taal, Menudo Batangas by Andal Family of Balayan, and  Klasik Kaldereta by Segismundo Family of Lipa. Some of the families also shared their secrets, experiences and future plans for Batangas cuisines.

Pinais na Baboy by Lontoc Family

Lomi ng Lipa by Daza Family

Five (5) concoctions that showcase some Batangas products where also served at the 3rd Batangas Food Festival. This concoction includes Moringamansi which is a combination of Moringa and Calamansi, Ala-Eh Mojito or Mojito with Siling Labuyo, Creamy Buko, Barakotini Martini which is a combination of Batangas well-known product Kapeng Barako and Martini and Blue-ya or Ginger Blue.

(From left to right) Barakotini Martini, Moringamansi, Blue-ya, Creamy Buko and Ala-Eh Mojito 

All-time favorite Batangas delicacy and products like Atsara, Balayan Patis and Bagoong,  Kapeng Barako and Tablea were also featured at the 3rd Batangas Food Festival.

Balayan Patis, Tablea, Balayan Bagoong, Kapeng Barako and Atsara.

To enable the public to savor the delectable dishes and cocktails at the recently concluded 3rd Batangas Food Festival, Matabungkasy Beach Hotel will include the dishes and cocktails on their menu starting this November until December 2017.

To try the dishes and cocktails featured on the 3rd Batangas Food Festival, you may visit Matabungkay Beach Hotel at:

Matabungkay Beach Hotel

Brgy. Matabungkay, Lian, Batangas, Philippines
Mobile: (63) 917 834 1269

To know more about the 3rd Batangas Food Festival and Matabungkay Beach Hotel, you may visit the following website and social media accounts:




150 Maginhawa Food Park X Travel Eat Pinas Giveaway!

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Travel Eat Pinas recently created a Food Guide for foodie lovers who are planning to dine at 150 Maginhawa Food Park150 Maginhawa Food Park was acquired by Fruitas Group of Companies and turned the former into a comfortable and laid-back venue where food lovers can enjoy dining in a garden-like ambiance with sizable dining area and well ventilated Food Park. 

Laid-back ambiance of 150 Maginhawa Food Park,

150 Maginhawa Food Park has 13 food stalls with local and international cuisine that can surely satisfy your cravings for bagnet, pho noodles, churros and even ice cream.  It also has a wine cellar that serves the finest wines and a food stall that serves fresh hand-pulled noodles.

Variety of dishes in 150 Maginhawa Food Park.

How to go to 150 Maginhawa Food Park?

From  Cubao, Quezon. City

1. Ride a Jeepney going to Lagro. Fare costs Php 14.00.
2. Alight at Kalayaan Avenue
3. Ride a tricycle going to 150 Maginhawa Food Park

From University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

1. Ride a UP Ikot Jeepney. Fare costs Php 8.00.
2. Alight at Emilio Jacinta Street, C.P Garcia Avenue.
3. Ride a tricycle going to 150 Maginhawa Food Park.

To let you experience a laid-back dining experience at 150 Maginhawa Food Park, Travel Eat Pinas is giving one lucky winner a Php 1,300 worth of Gift Check (Php 100 Gift Check for each food stall in the food park). The Gift Check is valid until December 31, 2017.

Php 1,300 worth of Gift Check that can be used by the winner at 150 Maginhawa Food Park.

How to join? 

1. Like  150 Maginhawa Food Park and Travel Eat Pinas' Facebook Page and Instagram account.


2. Grab a photo of the dish or dishes that you want to try at 150 Maginhawa Food Park on the link below.  Post it on your Facebook Page with the caption   "I want to try (the dish you want to try) of ( the food stall that serves the dish), at 150 Maginhawa Food Park."  Tag two of your friends and use the hashtags  #TravelEatPinas  #150MaginhawaFoodPark #EatAt150MaginhawaFoodPark


Sample Facebook Post.

The lucky winner of Php 1,300 Gift Check from Travel Eat Pinas and 150 Maginhawa Food Park will randomly be selected using an app and will be announced on November 15, 2017.


Leave No Trace, Hundred Mountain Clean-up Weekend with Tripkada

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Capture memories and Leave No Trace in the mountains. (📷 Tripkada)

Join Tripkada this weekend, October 21-22,  as they launch their newest program, LEAVE NO TRACE. Leave No Trace is a program initiated by Tripkada that utilizes their pool of travel organizer and travelers to clean the mountains in the Philippines and assist in creating awareness towards the importance of doing the former. Aside from this, the program is intended to educate and create awareness about the impact of natural resources in Philippine tourism.

20 Mountain Destination in the Philippines has been chosen to start the program. Among this mountains are Mount Daraitan, Arayat, Hibok Hibok, Romelo, Taal Volcano and Tarak Ridge. 

Selected mountain destination that you can explore and clean at the same time.Don't forget to use the promo code to get a Php 200 off on all mountain destination. (📷 Tripkada)

Tripkada organizers will lead their corresponding group in collecting garbage and cleaning along the mountain trails and even on the campsite.

Clean and explore the trails of Taal Volcano. (📷 Tripkada)

Tripkada's Leave No Trace is a one (1) to two (2) days program that aims to impart to Filipinos the importance of traveling responsibly in the Philippines.

Explore and preserve Mount Arayat in Pampanga. (📷 Tripkada)

Tripkada is a mobile app where travelers organize trips for their fellow travelers through travel-pooling. Instead of coordinating to different establishments just to have an affordable trip, travelers can simply book a slot on the scheduled trip that can be seen on Tripkada app. Most of all, Tripkada serves as a venue where travelers from all walks of life can meet and collaborate to discover the beauty of our country, the Philippines.

Join trips organized by fellow travelers. (📷 Tripkada)

To learn how to download Tripkada App you may visit my previous post, Travel-Pooling with Tripkada Mobile App.

To join LEAVE NO TRACE PROGRAM of Tripkada you may book your desired Mountain Destination on the following website and social media accounts,




Food Park Guide: What to Eat at 150 Maginhawa Food Park

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What to eat and where to eat at 150 Maginhawa Food Park.

Over the past few years, Maginhawa Street in Quezon City evolved as one of the centers of gastronomical destination in Metro Manila. Different restaurants that offer a variety of dishes and cuisines from all over the world line up in and around Maginhawa Street that Filipinos dubbed the former as  the “Melting Pot Street of Cuisines.”

Along with the restaurants in the Street of Maginhawa is the Food Parks that are currently flourishing because of the innovated, unique and variety of dishes that foodies can choose under one roof. Among this Food Parks in Maginhawa is 150 Maginhawa Food Park.

150 Maginhawa Food Park.

150 Maginhawa Food Park’s name is derived from the street number where the park is located. Fruitas Group of Companies recently acquired the Food Park and turned the former into a comfortable and laid-back venue where food lovers can enjoy dining in a garden-like ambiance with sizeable dining area and well ventilated Food Park.

Warm-colored Japanese lanterns that surround a Sampaloc tree will welcome foodies who want to dine at 150 Maginhawa Food Park while an arc with climbing plants serves as its gateway. Fruitas Group of Companies installed plants, bushes, climbing plants that surround the posts, and LED Cherry Blossom Tree to provide foodies dining in 150 Maginhawa Food Park a perfect place to stay, chill and bond with family and friends.

Arc that serves as the gateway towards the food park.

Aside from being a perfect-go-to place to dine and relax, 150 Maginhawa Food Park is the only Food Park in Manila that has a wine cellar and fresh-hand-pulled noodles.

How to go to 150 Maginhawa Food Park?

From  Cubao, Quezon. City

1. Ride a Jeepney going to Lagro. Fare costs Php 14.00.
2. Alight at Kalayaan Avenue
3. Ride a tricycle going to 150 Maginhawa Food Park

From University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City

1. Ride a UP Ikot Jeepney. Fare costs Php 8.00.
2. Alight at Emilio Jacinta Street, C.P Garcia Avenue.
3. Ride a tricycle going to 150 Maginhawa Food Park.

What to eat at 150 Maginhawa Food Park?

150 Maginhawa Food Park has 12 food stalls with local and international cuisine that can surely satisfy your cravings for bagnet, pho noodles, churros and even ice cream.  It also has a wine cellar that serves the finest wines and a food stall that serves fresh hand-pulled noodles.

Cellar 150 is the first wine cellar that can be found in a Food Park.

To help you decide on What To Eat at 150 Maginhawa Food Park, Travel Eat Pinas listed the MUST TRY DISHES in each food stalls. This list can guide you on what to eat in the food park and where you can find the dishes you are craving for.


Wings Gone Wild serves classic and spicy buffalo wings with special dip, chicken nuggets and skin, sausages and side dishes such as cheddar stixx, buffalo mojos, and spam fries.


Mild Classic Buffalo 

Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside Mild Classic Buffalo (5pcs), Php 170.

Salt & Pepper Buffalo

Finger liking Salt and Pepper Buffalo (5pcs), Php 170.

Twisted Metal

Hungarian Sausage Topped with Twister Fries, Twisted Metal, Php 145.


Sam’s Ice cream and shakes serves handcrafted ice creams in a cup, cone and bun, signature ice cream combination,  signature shakes and fresh fruit shake.


Campfire Shake

Campfire Shake (Chocolate, chocolate and caramel drizzle, crushed graham, chocolate sprinkles, marshmallow), Php 160.

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster, Php 110.


The piggery promises to provide all pork comfort food from our all-time favorite Crispy Pata, Pork Sisig, to Pork Buns and even Sisig Carbonara. Aside from this, The Piggery is also known for its Milo Dinosaur that can be served in one or two liters.


Sizzling Sisig

Grilled Pork Sizzling Sisig, Php 220.

The Three Little Pigs

Pork Nuggets, Bacon Chips, Chairman Chops with Tonkatsu, Honey Pinacurat and Sweet Chili Sauce. Php 350.

Milo Dinosaur

Milo Dinosaur, One Liter Php 120 and Two Liters Php 200.


Molcajete Mexican Cantina is not your ordinary Mexican Food Stall. They serve one of the most flavourful tacos, nachos, and burritos in the metro.


Nacho Pequeno

Nacho Pequeno has chips, Pico de Gallo, Cheddar cheese, Jalapeno Smothered with cheese sauce ans sour cream. Php 125.

Carne Burrito

Carne Burrito is made of Mexican Rice, Beans, Cabbage, Pico de Gallo, cheddar cheese, sour cream and Pork Carnitas. Php 175.

Pork Taco

Soft Pork Tacos, Php 125.


DZ Diner serves comfort dishes such as fries with toppings like bacon, pesto and corn beef, pasta, panini and main course dishes like steak and kinds of seafood.


Beef Salpicao

Tender and juicy Beef Salpicao, Php 180.


Carbonara topped with bacon bits. Single servings costs Php 140 and Php 370 for 3-5 person.

Seafood Pesto

Seafood Pesto, Php 150.


Churros lovers would definitely consider Xurreria Café as their heaven. Xurreria serves Spanish donuts or churros in chocolate, hazelnut, cream cheese and matcha dip. They also have beverages such as hot and cold coffee and frappe that perfectly match their churros.



Classic Churros in Chocolate and Hazelnut Dip, Php 150.


Canadian Snack Shack serves simple, fresh and flavorful Canadian cuisines from appetizers to deserts.


Maple Bacon Poutine

Freshly cut fries that are cooked twice to achieve the right crispiness and topped with  cheese curds, maple bacon syrup, and special beef gravy.  Maple Bacon Poutine Php 240.

Canadian Bacon Pizza

Pizza crust topped with Tomato Sauce, Canadian Bacon, Basil, and Mozzarella Cheese. Canadian Bacon Pizza, Php 325. 

Nanaimo Bars

Canada's version of Chocolate and Cream Custard. Nanaimo Bars, Php 50 per piece.


Streets of Saigon brings the tasty and flavorful Vietnamese cuisine to the street of Maginhawa.



Fried Spring Rolls. Chagio, Php 180.

Goi Won

Fresh Spring Rolls. Goi Won, Php 160.

Pho Bo

Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup. Pho Bo, Php 190.


Balay Bagnet serves traditionally cooked Ilocos Bagnet with different sauces and dips. Balay Bagnet caters rice and barkada meals, merienda inspired bagnet dishes such as pandesal-bagnet slider and bagnet canton, ensaladas and beverages.


Binagoongan and Original Nilasing na Bagnet with  Jelly Shots

Binagoongan  Bagnet with Rice costs Php 180, Original Nilasing na Bagnet with Rice also costs Php 180 while Jelly shots in strawberry and mango with a kick of Vodka is included as a dessert on the side.


Ahlee’s serves fresh and juicy off the grill dishes that ignite flavors in every bite.


T-Bone Steak

T-Bone Steak with Baby Potatoes and special sauce, Php 250.

Baked Mussels

Flavorful Bakes Mussels, Php 180.


Juicy and perfectly seasoned Liempo with Baby Potatoes, Php 150.


Cellar 150 is the first wine cellar in Manila that is situated in a Food Park. Cellar 150 serves the finest wines along with brick oven pizza, beer, and beverages under Fruitas Group of Companies.


Slo-cooked All Beef Pizza and Shanpelino Wine

Slo-cooked  All Beef Pizza, Php 295.


Shou is the only fresh and hand-pulled noodles served in a Food Park. Shou serves hand-pulled noodles that are traditionally made. Shou offers Old Beijing and Dry Noodles, Rice Meals, Dumplings, Siopao and Siomai.


Old Beijing Braised Beef Noodles

Hand-pulled Old Beijing Noodles, Php 145.

Braised Sliced Pork

Tender and flavorful Braised Sliced Pork, Php 149.

Kutchay Dumplings

Kutchay Dumpling, Php 99.


Yeah Burgers x Sandwiches serves flavorful and mouthwatering all American burgers, sandwiches and side dishes.


The Ultimate Yeah Burger

Double Patty Burger with Lettuce, Onion and Cheese Sauce, Php 295.

The Clubhouse

Yeah Clubhouse, Php 220.

Onion Rings

Onion Rings, Php 100.

To try the dishes and cuisines available at 150 Maginhawa Food Park, you may visit them at:

150 Maginhawa Food Park
Sunday to Thursday 4:00 PM to 12:00 AM
Friday to Saturday 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM

To know more about 150 Maginhawa Food Park, you visit the following social media accounts:



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