Thank You SILKA!

Growing up, my relatives call me "Negra" because of my dark skin complexion. I cannot blame them because I am the only one in our family who doesn't have a fair skin complexion.

As years passed by, the label they gave me made me feel ugly and unwanted. My self-esteem and confidence are greatly affected too. Eventually, that label became my anxiety's trigger, which I still have until this very moment.

To feel a sense of belongingness and to ease my anxiety, I tried to use different products that promise a fair or lighter complexion. Nothing seems to works until my cousin, who is a guy, by the way, introduced me to Silka.


Silka is a beauty and skincare brand proven to provide lighter and smoother skin naturally since 2001.


I love Silka Papaya Soap's fruity floral scent and how it lightens and moisturizes my skin. Silka Papaya Soap does not melt easily unlike different papaya soap or whitening soap in the market, making it more cost-effective.

For thorough protection against harmful UV Rays and maintain my lighter skin complexion, I use Silka Premium Whitening Lotion with SPF 30. It is non-greasy and has honey and milk that moisturizes my skin.

Silka Papaya Deodorant made my underarms complexion lighter with its enriched whitening papaya enzyme. It has Vitamin B3 that is vital for collagen production.

Lastly, Silka Papaya Cleanser has Papaya Extract & Vitamin B3 for whiter skin. Silka Papaya Cleanser has Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA) that removes dead skin, enhances skin renewal, refines pores, and moisturizes.

Another reason to love Silka is its affordable price. Silka Papaya Soap 135g is Php 39.75, Silka Premium Whitening Lotion 100ml is at Php 93.50, Silka Papaya Deodorant 150ml is Php 39.25 and Silka Papaya Facial Cleanser 75ml is at Php 25.

I had doubts about Silka at first, but, after using it regularly, my skin complexion became lighter and healthier. Now I am a proud #AlagangSilka user!

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