The current pandemic made a huge change in our lives, from how we look and communicate to how we work and even how to land a gig or job. 

Getting a job or a gig is not easy as it seems, and it even became harder because of our current situation. Different industries like entertainment, leisure facilities, gaming, and airlines, to name a few, have been greatly affected. People were unable to go to work, some businesses could no longer operate, and job security has become an issue. People are now turning to freelance. For the entertainment industry, some are doing a virtual performance and some businesses provide instructions on how to book a comedy show online to cater those who want entertainment at home, virtually or for special events.

To help you during this pandemic, we listed four helpful tips that you can do to land your desired job or gig.

  1. Evaluate and enhance your skills

To evaluate your skills, you need to write down the current skills that you have, the projects that you did, and the achievements that you got during the past years. From there, check the skills that you do best. This can either be your negotiation, selling, writing, or questioning skills. Now that you have identified your best skills, you can now check the available gigs or jobs where you can apply them. For example, if the projects that you made are more on the entertainment side of the industry that you are in and the skills that you have are those that creative comedians have such as Associating, Questioning, Observing, Experimenting and Networking skills, then you can check and try to apply as a Stand Up Comedian. 

To enhance your skills, you can attend webinars and online courses which are now readily available and being advertised on different social media platforms.

2. Narrow down the industries

Now that you have an idea about the skills that you do good and have enhanced those skills, you can now narrow down the industries where you can land a job or gig. For example, if the skills that you have is leaning towards a Stand Up Comedian, you can venture into the entertainment industry. If you incline toward negotiation, communication, and selling skills, you can apply for jobs in the sales and management industry.

3. Put up your portfolio.

Having a portfolio can help you land your desired job or gig as it gives your potential employers a glimpse of the proof of your skills, education, work experience, references, career goals, and works in progress.

You can create a portfolio that best describes your skills and includes the following: 

  • Career Goals - this should have your career dreams and objective; and, where you see yourself in five to ten years.
  • Resume- this should have your work experience, education, and personal achievements.
  • Accomplishments and Skills- this is composed of the list of your accomplishments and skills as a professional worker or artist.
  • Samples of Work- this should include pictures, videos, demo, and sample of your designs and work.
  • Reference List- list of professional references that can confirm the skills and achievements you have included in your portfolio.

4. Interview

Now that employers noticed your portfolio, make sure to come to your interview prepared. How? 

  • Make sure that you are aware of the job description that you are applying.
  • You know why you want the job and why you’re qualified.
  • Be prepared with the common questions that you might encounter during the interview.

5. Follow up

Lastly, do a follow-up. Recruiters interview different applicants weekly and this is the reason why you might encounter some delays. You can follow up either by texting or calling your Recruiter or send a simple email asking for an update about your interview.

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  1. rowenacallovillarenoJuly 23, 2021 at 12:07 AM

    Agree po dahil sa pandemic ang dami nawawalan ng work kaya ang dami din nag aapply ngayon. Anyway thank you for the tips po big help po para mas mapadali ang pag hire sa kanila dapat talaga evaluate mo muna yung skills mo para ma enhance na din.

  2. Finding a job this pandemic is really extra challenging. These tips that you have listed are really helpful and informative. I like that you even listed how to create a great portfolio.

  3. rowenacallovillarenoJuly 23, 2021 at 12:50 PM

    Agree po dahil sa pandemic ang dami nawawalan ng work kaya ang dami din nag aapply ngayon. Anyway thank you for the tips po big help po para mas mapadali ang pag hire sa kanila dapat talaga evaluate mo muna yung skills mo para ma enhance na din..

  4. Done reading this blog, thankyou for sharing this po very helpful po itong tips na shinare nyo. Specially ngayong pandemic madami po nawalan ng trabaho a dahil dun sobrang dami din po talaga nag apply nag work ngayon . Very informative!