Fun with Real Estate Games: Online Games That You Should Try!

If you spend your free time browsing real estate listings, going to open houses for fun, and watching home improvement shows, you might want to channel your entrepreneurial spirit into a game. In a simulation game, you can compete as a real estate tycoon, be a mayor, an architect or you can design your dream home with one of the many house renovation apps available. Whichever you choose, know that you'll get a lot of fun practice if you decide to do it all in real life.

If you want to build a master-planned community, LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect is the game for you!

LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect players help Mayor Solomon Fleck build a LEGO community using various buildings which earn tax revenues that can be spent to help build out the rest of your city.

To construct the buildings, you must dig for hidden mini pieces that can be used to construct the various building types available in each zone, as well as collect taxes from each building to fund further development and more digs.

Fill each of the city's six zones with 25 buildings to unlock them. Each zone has its own set of unique LEGO pieces and building types, as well as its own set of earning schedules.

Tip: Make sure each zone has at least one police station and one fire department so you can protect citizens and put out fires, and stop burglaries to earn extra rewards.

Build With Buddies

Do you love to play virtual board games online with your friends or with random players online? You would definitely get hooked on Build with Buddies!

Build With Buddies is a dice-based virtual board game in which you can compete against three other human players or play a private game with three friends via an invite code.

The game's objective is to construct 21 farms, timberlands, mines, and mountains. Each player begins with 100 pieces of wood, gold, grains, and stone. On each turn, you get to build buildings and roll a dice.

If you roll a 1, you get 100 gain, a 2 gets 100 wood, a 3 gets 100 gold, a 4 gets nothing, a 5 gets 100 stone, and a 6 gets you to steal input from another player. The structures cost 25 of two different types of inputs and produce 25 of a different type of input each round.
Each round, you can see how many of each structure type you have, how many of each input type you have, how many of each structure type your opponents have, and what inputs they have in inventory.

Tip: Play strategically. If you roll a 6, steal from whoever is farthest ahead, or who has the inputs you require the most, and use your limited resources to try to build a fairly even set of each building type, while spending your scarce resources catching up on whatever building type you require the most and whatever produces the inputs you require the most to complete your set of structures.

Castle Blocks

Do you want to construct your own castle? Castle Blocks is the game for you!

Castle Blocks is a castle-building game in which you set the scene, construct the castle, and save a picture of your work.

There are ten different scene backgrounds to choose from. To switch between scene, castle, and accessories, use the three banners above the scene selector. Create a castle by dragging any of the 40 castle pieces into the grid.

Within the castle design menu, use the buttons to the left of the pieces to switch between the castle, fence, three additional sets of building design styles, and four different types of ground tiles. Select the third flag at the top to expand the item menu to include flowers, trees, ladders, fences, people, and monsters.

The right side of the screen contains a menu with the following buttons: settings, complete, zoom in, undo the move, redo move, and exit.

When you click the complete button with the checkmark, you can save a copy of the image to your computer.

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