Movie Date at Home with Taters

The pandemic changed our lives drastically that some of us are having a hard time coping with the changes. This is the reason why my husband and I always make sure to recreate those things that we normally do before the pandemic like watching movies.

It's a Spidey and Taters Movie Date with hubby.

Before the pandemic, one of our recreational activities is watching a movie. Aside from being the easiest and affordable type of relaxation, watching movies together also strengthens our bonds, promotes family togetherness, and builds our tradition.

For almost a year now, we continue our tradition and watch movies every weekend with our favorite movie snack Taters Super Pop Texan Barbeque which has a sweet and smoky flavor, and White Cheddar Cornachos which tastes buttery and milky!

Taters Super Pop Texan Barbeque and White Cheddar Cornachos.

We normally order these treats online. It's easier that way and is less hassle. To order Taters package, all we need to do is:

1. Visit their website,

2. Choose the package that we want to avail. (We usually get the Binge Crunch and Pop Package).

3. Set the delivery date and time.

4. Indicate how many will watch the movie and add beverages like ice tea, bottled water, and even beer.

5. Add Cart.

6. Check our orders, add our contact details and check out our order.

Another reason why #ilovetatersph is they deliver to multiple addresses with Php 99 flat rate per address and have packages for Zoom Party, Work From Home, Binge -Watching and Homeschool. The minimum and maximum person required per package are as follows:

Zoom PartyWork From
Minimum 86415
Maximum 300300300300

Through this packages we can still recreate those fun times with our friends and family members.

To also have a #snackmorestressless bonding with our family and friends, you may visit Taters PH social media accounts at:

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  1. rowenacallovillarenoJune 2, 2021 at 4:59 AM

    Thank you for sharing po Kami din hilig din namin manood ng movies po pero nung nauso ang kdrama yes to kdrama na. Perfect talaga manood while eating delicious snack po. like taters 🤗

  2. The pandemic has done so much and even our lifestyles are affected with it. Good thing is we are able to adapt to the situations that comes with it. When it comes to entertaining ourselves through watching movies at theaters, now our homes became our theaters. And good thing is there are a lot of ways to get our snacks like taters. We could just order it and enjoy it at home while watching.

  3. #SnackMoreStressLess .True enough,it was highly recommend...we personally loved it ❤️.grab one ❤️ , you'll fell in love with it too.