ROBINSONS TOWNVILLE PETStival: Grandest Online Gathering Furparents and Furbabies

Last June 5, 2021, we got the chance to have fun and learn pet care tips and tricks for our beloved furbabies at Robinsons Townville PETSival.

Robinsons Townville PETSival is the grandest online gathering where both furparents and furbabies have the chance to enjoy activities such as pet care tips, games, and pet shows.


PAWS Education Officer, Ms. Sharon Yap, discussed pet care tips that both newbie and veteran furparents should know by heart and mind. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society, PAWS,  participates in activities, such as Robinsons Townville PETSival and Dog Club to educate furparents and children to be responsible pet owners.

Ms. Yap discussed the proper nutrition or food our furbaby needs. She mentioned that cook or table food should be given as treats as they don't have the right amount of nutrition our furbaby needs. Dog food brands such as BOW WOW and TOP BREED Dog Meal are highly recommended for our furbabies since they have the nutrients needed by our furbabies to grow strong and healthy. 

Aside from proper nutrition, she also suggested that our furbabies should be vaccinated, not just with anti-rabies, but also with dog vaccines such as 5-in-1, 4-in-1, and deworming These vaccines are important to the overall health and wellness of our furbabies as they protect them from viruses such as canine distemper.

She also mentioned that our furbabies should have a home or an area in the house where they are safe and protected from heat and rain. They should also be inside the yard or home to avoid accidents or them having the chance to go out and get lost. 

Training, socialization, and playtime are also our furbabies' basic needs. Activities that will keep them active and challenge mentally are good for their well-being. In PAWS, they believe that a tired dog is a happy dog.

She also reminded furparents to leash our dogs when they are in public places regardless of the former's behavior, as it is in the Anti-Rabies Law of the Philippines.


Aside from pet care tips by PAWS, Cabanatuan Dog Society also shared a video about basic obedience train. 

Cabanatuan Dog Society's JE Bautista showcase how he conducts basic obedience training to his dogs.

We also enjoyed an exciting gibberish game wherein we need to guess the correct word or the phrase before the time runs out. The first furparent to answer the right word or phrase wins.

We are looking forward to more activities such as ROBINSONS TOWNVILLE PETStival as projects like this can make us, furparent, connect, enjoy, learn and relive the PETSivals that we attended before the pandemic.

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To connect and learn with other furparents, get updates and know the latest activities you can give your furbabies join Robinsons Townville's Dog Club Community at

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  1. rowenacallovillarenoJune 7, 2021 at 4:01 AM

    It's really important to learn some things just like this especially if you love to have a Pet. It is important for people to be educated to become a responsible pet owners. I also like it when they also teach how to take care of pets and what are the best foods to be given to your pets. Another thing is about the vaccination which is one of the most important thing when having a pet.

  2. Very Nice Event and Opportunities pra sa mga Furbabie, sobrang ganda ng mga Tips and Reminder na talagang Nakakatulong sa bawat isa .. specially sa mga Fur Parents kung paano mas maaalagaan nila ng maayos ang mga Alaga ❤️❤️. Kaya maraming salamat sa Kind of Event na To ...

  3. Petstival, an online gathering for pets and owners to enjoy. Activities includes pet care tips and pet show. Most important part here is on the sharing of tips especially with the health of our pets. This will help owners to keep their furbabies healthy, strong and active.

  4. Ang nice naman po nito.. napakalaking tulong po talaga nito lalo na sa mga may alagang fur babies. very interesting po talaga ito lalo na kung about sa pangangalaga ng kanilang fur babies.. Sabihin kopo ito sa tita ko.. Madami po kasi syang alaga at for sure matutuwa po sya dito.. Ishare ko narin po ito sa mga kaibigan ko..

  5. May De Jesus-PalacpacJune 9, 2021 at 3:28 PM

    lahat na talaga nilagay online, pati pet events. :) tagged my friend to your fb post, I think, because she has a cute schnauzer whom she may want to join this one.

  6. Ah, that should have been a great event to attend. I’m a furmom, but only to cats since we do not have a bigger space for dogs, I agree with most what was mentioned especially about food, cats are obilgate carnivores, while dogs are facultative carnivores so this should have been considered.

  7. The term PETStical is so adorable! I've been obsessing with large dogs too, and actually starting a pet supplies business with my family.

  8. Magandang program for Furr-pawrents para mas malaman nila kung ano yung mga bawal at pwede para sa mga pets nila.

  9. This is a really exciting event! My father-in-law used to hold dog shows in previous Robinsons' Petstival events.

  10. Aww this is super cute! Kung tayo may Zoom Meetings or workshops, may Petstival naman mga fur-baes natin! I love the fact that it's not all literally fun and games, but there's also the educational part. A lot of pets are being abandoned daily dahil lang their owners don't know how to properly take care of them so education is truly what will make a difference. :)

  11. yung sister ko parang anak din talaga ang turing sa dog niya. tapos feeling tao din tong dog hahahaha!! pero ibang klaseng care din talaga ang binibigay nila :)

  12. Actually feel like this is a fun idea. Kami nga sa meetings, nakakatuwa kapag pinapakita ng officemate yung dogs nya. Huhu so cute

  13. Due to corona pati mag events online na talaga and nagulat ako dito sa PETSTIVAL kasi hindi lang pala pang tao ang online events even animals din pwede pala.

  14. Cool and awesome,with our fur babies,could have been so much fun ,and enjoyable,they are like our family