Travel Eat Pinas: Beginning, Lesson from Mentors and Blog Life.

In 2016, my husband and I loved to visit different places in Metro Manila to savor different types of delicacies and cuisines. Back then, we used to research and read reviews before going to restaurants, that according to the reviews have the best dishes in town. Since we've been visiting several restaurants and cafes in a month, we decided to make a blog and named it Travel Eat Pinas.


Starting a blog is not easy as it may seem. There are a lot of things that we researched, learned, and consider when we started our blog. Some of them are: 


Blog content or post is the heart and soul of a blog. It composes of articles that the writer wants to convey to their readers. Content can be educational, to make awareness or provide updates and information to the blog's target audience or readers.

Back then, we are into food adventures, and we also find an increasing number of foodies, like us, reading reviews and blogs about restaurants and cafes before going to one. We are foodies who love to bake and cook, travel and look for adventures in and around the country, attend events and educate our readers that is why we decided that our blog content be food, travel, and lifestyle-related. 


Aside from blog content, making a structure saves a lot of time both for the writer and the reader as it provides order in the blog. 

Creating a blog structure starts with forming categories. Travel Eat Pinas categories, since it has lifestyle, food, and travel-related content has lifestyle, events, food and travel essentials, food, recipe, and travel.

Blog and Social Media Name or Title

Blog and social media name or title is the life of a blog as it serves as the former's brand. Blog names should be short, unique, easy to remember, and as much as possible consist of the main keywords of your blog's content or the primary topic of the entire website.

Blog and social media names should also be the same to provide continuity and familiarity to the former and latter.

Back in 2016, we chose the name TRAVEL EAT PINAS as our blog consists of food, travel, and lifestyle-related articles in the Philippines.

Domain and Web Hosting

When we started our TRAVEL EAT PINAS, we focused on creating content. One of our mentors then suggested and introduced us to the importance of domain and web hosting. 

Web hosting is a storage of all the files that make up the website. Having web hosting is somewhat a guarantee that your files and website are safe on the internet. The domain name or uniform resource locator (URL) of a website, on the other hand, is an address used to browse and get to the website.


As we started to become active in the blogging industry, we meet mentors that taught us the dos and don'ts in the blogging industry and helped us grow.

One learning that we had from these mentors is to find the right niche.  A  blog niche is a specific topic or content of the blog. Having a blog niche can organize the blog and, at the same time, provide continuity and focus.

Another lesson from our mentors is to find a blog and domain name that composes the keywords of our blog niche as this increase the blog's familiarity to our readers and the companies that wants to collaborate with bloggers in the niche that we are in. 

They taught us to continue honing our skills and join events, forums, and seminars about blogging and social media. They also told us to learn from people who are successful in the industry and follow their best practices.

Lastly, they keep on reminding us to be professional and always abide by the commitment that we set to our readers and client.


In the past six years, blogging opened a lot of opportunities for us. We were able to visit different tourist destinations, savor different cuisines, and learn the traditions and cultures in the country. 

We were also able to earn through different collaborations, write-ups, channel monetization, and opportunities outside the industry.

To this date, we are still delighted that we decided to start and enter the blogging industry as it provides us opportunities, especially this time of the pandemic.

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  1. Blogging is not an easy thing to do. But it will do you good if you put your passion on it. It is not just creating topics or content out from nowhere. And it will go along way if you are committed to what you have started. Like Travel Eat Pinas, it has gone through a long way but still getting better

  2. rowenacallovillarenoJune 10, 2021 at 11:38 PM

    Foods and traveling is one of the best content for blog base ony own opinion. Food and traveling can easily attract many readers that can help you create a name and be known in the blogging industry. There's a lot of things you can enjoy and a lot of opportunity will come when you are a blogger.

  3. I already read this blog, Ang dami nyo narin po palang napuntan at ang dami nyo narin pong natikman ng ibat ibang uri ng lutuing pagkain. at talagang inaalam nyo po mga tradisyon at kultura sa bansa. Hindi rin po biro ang pag bblog . Pero ng dahil sa kagustuhan nyo ang dami nyo narin pong napapasaya dahil nakakapag share po kayo sa amin sa mga nagagawa nyo.. Deserve nyo rin pong kumita dahil sa Lahat ng mga nagagawa nyo po 🤗😊

  4. Thanks for sharing,such a very interesting and informative facts