Halloween Chocolate Truffle Made Special with Nestle Cream

It’s almost the Halloween! Are you ready to make an exciting Halloween Party for your little one? If not yet, here’s how you can make an exciting and memorable Halloween for your kids at home. 

Make simple and easy recipes that will satisfy their sweet tooth and imagination, like this Halloween Chocolate Truffles made with rich, thick and creamy Nestle All-Purpose Cream, chocolate, few drops of vanilla and some cookies and pretzels.

To make this Halloween Chocolate Truffle all you need to do is follow this easy steps:

1. Simmer a 125mg Nestle Cream and 1tsp vanilla for 5 minutes.

2. Add a cup of semi-sweet or dark chocolate chips and mix until all the ingredients are incorporated or there are no more lumps.

3. Put in a pan and refrigerate the mixture for an hour.

4. Scoop an ample amount of the mixture and roll it your palm.

5. Design the truffles using cookies, sprinkles, and pretzels.

So, what are you waiting for? Try this recipe and make your little ones happy this Halloween!

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