Qure : Providing Quality Cure to Filipinos

Nowadays it worries me a lot when we are sick, aside from the paranoia that a simple case of colds or flu might be the dreaded virus, going the hospital and the possibility of being exposed to someone who has the virus scares me.

Good thing, we now have Qure!

Qure is a one-stop health shop app made by Filipinos to provide a quality cure to Filipinos.

Qure provides access to:

✔Online Doctors for consultation
✔ Veterinary appointment
✔ Pharmaceutical Purchase
✔ Laboratories

With Qure's one-stop health shop I can book an appointment to my desired doctor, have a teleconsult, get prescription  via uploading the traditional one or through e-prescription, get laboratory request and set appointment for it, and purchase and receive medicine right infront of my doorstep.

Qure's uploading system can also provide patient's lab requests, medical certifications, letters of hospital admission, as well as, letters of recommendation with brief description or credentials of the attending physician.

To use Qure, all you need to do is register at qure.ph/user-registration, create an account and book a doctor's appointment!

With Qure I can get accessible, convenient and quality healthcare at home or where ever and whenever I am.

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