Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol is Here to Keep You Safe.

With many places steadily re-opening and enabling individuals to resume their pre-pandemic habits, Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol urges Filipinos to live safely.

With the countrywide immunization campaign in full swing, Filipinos may gradually enjoy a variety of activities such as additional eating alternatives and physical activities such as going to the gym. However, health experts continue to warn everyone not to relax their guard, even as things begin to return to normal.

As new and potentially more infectious varieties are reported, everyone must be attentive by following established health practices and getting vaccinated so that we can all continue to live safely and avoid the instances from escalating again.

That is why, when we run critical tasks like purchasing groceries, exercising outside, or simply going outside, sanitizing your hands and whatever surface you deal with goes a long way toward ensuring your and your family's safety.

One technique to keep the virus from spreading is to always have a reliable rubbing alcohol brand with at least 70& alcohol solution with you when you walk outside.

The alcohol approved by the Philippine Society for Microbiology (PSM), Defensil 70 percent Solution Isopropyl Alcohol, can eliminate 99.9 percent of common germs and bacteria on contact, allowing you to conduct the activities you like securely wherever you are. Defensil also gives up to 12 hours of continuous protection, allowing you to be protected while engaging in activities.

Skin dryness from excessive sanitizing will also be eliminated because Defensil has moisturizing characteristics and is hypoallergenic, giving you one less thing to worry about while heading indoors.

"We are 100% behind the government in their efforts to prevent further spread of the virus. Defensil encourages everyone to remain vigilant now more than ever and do our part in this fight towards eventually resuming our normal way of life by adhering to social Distancing and sanitation protocols, especially when doing essential errands outdoors," shared Nikko Cruz, Brand Manager of Defensil Isopropyl Alcohol.

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