Weekend Bonding with Taters Superpop!

What's the best thing to do during weekends? Spend time with the family by either simply catching up, play board games or watch movie together!

For our weekend bonding we will watch movies with TATERS SUPERPOP Ziplock Bags.

TATERS SUPERPOP Ziplock Bags comes in two Serving Size:

✔ Family Pack - three 140g US Kernels flavored popcorn
✔Party Pack - three 280g per pack US Kernels flavored popcorn

And have different flavors too! For today we tried their Hamonado, which really tastes like pork hamonado, White Cheddar and Strawberry Cheesecake 😊

Also, mark your calendars for Taters 11.11 livestream on 11.10 (November 10 😉) to get a chance to WIN:

✔ 1 Year Supply of FREE SUPERPOP
✔ Limited edition items (swipe the photos to check the limited edition Taters merchandise)

TATERS 11.11 livestream can be watched on Kumu, Lazada Live, Shopee Live, and FB live.

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